Bees and proper bagel storage

29 Mar

So checked my cell phone in the bathroom yesterday on my break (as many of us do) but what I found was most likely different than most of you would find on your cell phone on a  given day.

Yes, a swarm of bees. They are living in the rain gutter above our apartment.

Did you see that movie The Swarm?

There are some bee people coming out today to take a look.

Do any of you know of a humane way to remove bees? The HOA chooses their own vendors so the bee removal might not be as humane as I would wish. 😦 If we had a separate space, like a farm, then we could keep bees. They could be relocated.

En fin…

Recently I was apprised that my local coffee shop (about 500 feet from my apartment in former Jiffy Lube space) is carrying Super Chunk Sweets and Treats bagels. This is a big deal because the bagels are artisan and have no preservatives. Anyways, I went to the coffee shop and ordered a bagel. What I received was a bit dry. I thought maybe because of the way they are being stored.

So I have a little experience with carb storage. If your bread or bagels do not have preservatives and you are not going to eat them on the same day you buy them, you need to freeze them. My freezer is typically full, mostly due to Jack’s frugality with chicken, pork, what have you, but I also freeze bread from Sprouts or Noble Bread. Noble Bread is my go to favorite bread but sometimes they are out, in which case I go to Barb’s Bakery to get it. Or you can also get Noble Bread at farmers markets. Yes, I love bread. It’s a vessel for things like chorizo, potato omelet, chicken salad and butter.

Jack and I visited our little local coffee shop aforementioned a week ago and we ordered bagels again. And they were dry. I let the manager know I was so excited that they are carrying one my favorite local bagels from Super Chunk. She said she doesn’t care for them too much because of how they have to store them there at the restaurant (not in a freezer) and how they toast them. She said they get dry. So I told her (not in a schooling sort of way but coming from more life experience – she is maybe 25 and I am 47, so…) maybe the bagels need to be frozen if they are not going to be used the same day. And she said due to the type of business they do and the type of customer they have they cannot do this.

So, in a nutshell, they are willing to sacrifice quality for getting something out quick to the consumer. And that is sad.

Arcadia Premium is also selling Super Chunk bagels. Here is a photo that I pilfered from their website.

I’m going to pop over there soon and buy some. My shopping cart might include local chocolate and local beer too. I hear it’s a great place to shop local.




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