White privilege. And pie.

12 Mar

So I was thinking tonight about how fortunate I am to be white. I didn’t understand this until I was in college. Like I didn’t know how lucky I was to live in a nice neighborhood and go to a public school in a pretty good neighborhood that was supported by a healthy property tax base. Unable to sleep I am thankful I have never been discriminated for trying to rent an apartment. I have never been asked to prove my citizenship (except at a border crossing). I have never been assaulted by a police officer and I have never been to jail. I have never had to pay probation fees.

I was reading that 33% or a similar figure of black men in the south of a certain age in the south cannot vote because they have been incarcerated. Could this effect voting outcomes?

Being a white person in a world that is growing in populations of other races makes me feel humble and excited at the same time. I know how to make afgani milk fudge. And i want to try a huntsman pie recipe. Something closer to my roots. http://www.saveur.com/british-meat-pie-recipe


I’m thinking mine and the next generations might want to study Chinese and Arabic.

I don’t think any of these are new observations.

And we still have to eat. So give the pie snob a try. A new place at 36th street and indian school roads. You will find this.

They are also making cinnamon rolls (on the weekends). AND sometimes they have to close early because they run out. And they stock local coffee and ice cream. And nope I don’t have any stock in this place.


I aspire to tho 😉


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