Grilled artichokes, Karl’s Quality Bakery/The Baker’s Daughter, Las Glorias Grill, Banana muffins, Harkins Camelview 5, Vovomeena, Hazelwoods First Place, Linda’s 4th of July magic shish kebabs

13 Jul

We found a steal yesterday, artichokes at Sprouts for 98 cents each. Jack was quite excited.


So today he boiled them, cut them in half and put them on the grill. My contribution was the mayo dipping sauce with lime juice, salt and pepper. They turned out so nice.


Jack is very good at getting us to try new places. He has a great sense of adventure. And we both like Mexican food…so it was a natural that we finally made it to lunch yesterday at Las Glorias Grill on 19th Avenue and Northern after we had been eyeing a Phoenix New Times ad for them for quite some time. We shared a shrimp cocktail and Jack had menudo while I chose the chile verde pork burrito.



The chile verde sauce had so much flavor…smoky and earthy. It is one of the best chile verde burritos I have ever tried. The pork was tender and lean and the flour tortilla somehow held together despite all the beautiful sauce on top. How do they do it? We also enjoyed drinks, a bloody mary for me and a tequila sunrise for Jack. Other things on the menu we want to try are the whole fried fish, flan and carnitas. We’ll be back soon.

On the way home we decided to stop at Karl’s Quality Bakery/The Baker’s Daughter. They make delicious cakes, cupcakes, danish, donuts, chocolates and they have savory croissants, quiches and things you can just grab and go.


Jack bought me a box of 5 chocolates.


I ate 3 of them already…the salted caramel, the lime and another with nuts…hazelnuts maybe? They were all amazing and the other two that are raspberry and ginger don’t stand a chance. They will be visited by me tomorrow with probably a sweet vermouth after dinner. I am not a drink snob. I drink an aperitif after a meal too. 🙂

This weekend Jack and I had frozen bananas falling out of the freezer so I made some banana muffins. It’s this recipe I found online.

I just made a half recipe, and we both agreed they are the best banana muffins that ever came out of our kitchen.


Jack always requests moist muffins. I think these also would be good with blueberries. So I’m trying that next time. I mean the time after next. The next batch is for our potluck about a week away and I want to see how my workmates feel about them just with bananas before I fuss with them for my own benefit.

So Harkins Camelview 5 is scheduled to be closed sometime in the near future and I think I’m mourning this little theatre already because I’m on a mission to see as many indie/foreign films as I can lately. On Friday Dad and I went to see Me, Earl and the Dying Girl (you should go).


It left me a bawling mess but I enjoyed the cinematography and creativity. Another film that will be coming out soon that I want to see is Samba, with Omar Sy. I saw him first in The Intouchables and I thought his acting was very passionate.

The Phoenix New Times reviewed the potato omelet at Vovomeena recently. I ate potato omelets mostly for dinner when I lived abroad in Spain many years ago…and I felt I needed to go and try it. I’m so glad I did. It comes sitting on a flavorful tomato compote with bacon and an arugula salad.


Dad came with me that day and had the pain perdu, sort of a fancy french toast.


Very dense and sweet. I think next time he’s going to have my dish and I’m going to have his.  I want to mention the inside of the place is urban I felt very welcome and relaxed. I tried a japanese cold brew coffee that takes 12 hours to brew. A different flavor than the drip Ethiopian coffee I make every day. A nice change. The Vovomeena folks also own The Tuck Shop that I have been to 2 or 3 times and it’s time to go back. I remember eating some chorizo stuffed dates and drinking a couple of dark and stormy’s that were very tasty. Now that I’m eyeing their new menu it has a french bread pizza on it… so you know I gotta try that.

Speaking of pizza…did you know that Hazelwoods First Place makes a great mini pizza? Yes! For about 7 bucks you can get one of these.


Go and get one.

I think if Jack ever is out of town this will be my go to place for din-din. I love me a pizza.

Linda was very kind to host Jack, me and my Dad (and her grandson Hex) on the 4th of July. She put together some amazing shish kebabs with pork, steak, chicken and vegetables.

2550 2549 2548 2547

Shish kebabs hold a special place in my heart. I remember in the 70’s they were on a lot of restaurant menus and I always wanted to eat meat that came served on a stick.  It’s a very nostalgic meal for me. Linda also provided the Coronas, which was sweet.  I brought clamato and a pasta salad and Jack made some puerto rican rice. And we swam in her big beautiful pool. It was the perfect 4th of July with family and friends.


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