Laughlin, BBQ Company, Scott’s Generations, Barrio Queen, Taco Guild, Acacia Cafe, Fez, Camelview 5 and Cookin’ on Wood

3 May

We finally made it to Laughlin a couple of weeks back. I had the wrong impression about the place, and I’m not sure why. But, needless to say, we had a great time. We stayed at Harrah’s and it was very clean (and cheap! only $60/night) and included a 2 for 1 buffet. Harrah’s has a beachfront and those little umbrellas made out of thatch so you don’t get all burnt up.


They also have drinks available poolside, that they will let you take out onto the beach (at least that’s what we did) and there’s also a fabulous restaurant courtesy of Guy Fieri called El Burro Borracho. We were so excited when we learned this that we had to put it on our list of places to try.

And so glad we did. Lookie lookie:


It’s a pork chimichanga that was very moist, with rice and beans, and a large cabbage salad. We shared everything since the portions are enormous. Also the drinks were delicious. I had a sangria and Jack chose a beer (I don’t remember which kind). We didn’t get to see the founder but we were told when the restaurant opened the staff had been through a 1 1/2 month training period and Guy had visited to make sure there was quality control.

The night before we had visited the same restaurant for fried ice cream and margaritas. Potent frozen margaritas, which we like. The fried ice cream is very fun, they spray it with some type of alcohol and set it on fire before you eat it. Very theatrical!  A late snack for us since earlier we had our two for one buffet at the casino, which included all of the favorites like steaks, lots of veggie choices, fried shrimp, an italian station, salad bar and all kinds of desserts. I was barely able to finish my coconut chocolate chip bar because dinner was so delicious (and plentiful).

We never got to the adult tower, but we were curious 😉


One thing that’s fun (and free) to do in Laughlin is visit the Car Museum at Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort.

Jack really liked the Delorean while I was showing my love for the Honda scooter.



I was with some of my workmates at Barbeque Company about a month ago. It’s rare that we all go together, because some of us have different work schedules or eating preferences. But this was a different day. Look at all these happy people.


Sorry no food pictures, people. But typically we all get something different. They have a great bbq pork sandwich or a loaded baked potato, or bbq chicken, pizza on Thursdays and regular sandwiches like a blt. Their veggies that you can get as a side are a medley of zucchini, yellow squash, red pepper and onions. It’s a substantial side of vegetables and I wanted to mention that here since I’m not sure we usually equate bbq with something that can also be healthy.

It’s true that Jack and I really like to eat. So recently we rediscovered Scott’s Generations (or I did since it was his first time a few weeks back). I had been there previously with my brothers and had kind of forgotten about the place. Their bagels are still amazing. Last weekend we were there with my Mom and my bro Mike for sandwiches. Mike had a number one sub with italian meats, and my Mom chose pastrami (her favorite). I stick with a classic, hard salami on a bagel, while Jack ordered a hot dog with sauerkraut.


Their fries are the whole potato with skin on and are really crunchy and tasty.

Dad and I grabbed lunch last weekend at Barrio Queen. I had never tried their fish tacos and that sounded good to him too so we shared a plate of 4 (three only on the plate since he started eating before I could take a picture). The fish tacos are very fresh and come with a salsa verde that has a nice kick.


Also we imbibed a couple of Queens Fire margaritas that are made with jalapeño infused tequila and a rim of chili salt.


Not a bad thing at all.

Taco Guild has become one of Jack’s and my favorite places. We joke that we don’t have to go to church on the weekends we go there since it is housed in a former Methodist church.

Last weekend we were there for tacos and salad.

Jack is fond of their lamb tacos. Look how pretty they arrive.


They make an enormous grilled romaine salad that you can choose the protein (chicken, steak or shrimp). I always choose chicken. It is nicely grilled and charred and the salad dressing is a cilantro lime creamy thing that you just want more of.


I really like it. As you can see, there’s a lot of bacon that gives flavor too.

They also have a “taco of the day” that is about half price of the regular tacos so between 2-7pm it’s a good place to visit especially if you are on a budget and have a sense of adventure. Also there are local craft beers which for me are very important, like Four Peaks 8th Street Pale Ale. Local first!

Acacia Cafe is one of mine and Dad’s go to breakfast spots. It helps that they are within walking distance for me and just a couple of blocks away from Dad. Last week we were there and I inhaled half of a waffle with butter and baked apples.


It’s better than apple pie. Trust me.

They also have wonderful dine in or to go lunch options like chicken salad sandwich and “bistro salad” with chicken, avocado, strawberries, red grapefruit and spinach with a poppyseed dressing. I’m just crazy about this place with their fresh food and reasonable prices. My Dad actually told the owner he should raise his prices. 😉

Jack and I were at Fez last week with Linda, her bro and her sis-in-law for an early dinner. Very nice people. They had already ordered by the time we arrived and Jack wasn’t really hungry so I was munching on this plate of arroz con pollo all by myself. It has a lot of flavor and the chicken and vegetables are all great quality in a yummy sauce.


And I finished the leftovers the next day.

This is where I mention that Fez is now at Portland and First Avenue. Their new location is, well…fabulous!

Did I mention our microwave is broken? This puts a damper on our leftover reheating, but resourceful Jack has been able to reheat our leftovers in the toaster oven. I’m so lucky.

Dad and I were at Harkins Camelview 5 last week after our lunch at Barrio Queen.


Did you know that the Camelview is closing? The Harkins folks are creating a multiplex movie theatre at Scottsdale Fashion Mall, so soon my little independent movie theatre that shows foreign films will be no more. I’m sad to lose it. Meh.

Linda discovered Cookin’ on Wood recently and we have been there for lunch a couple of times. It’s a homecooked meal for about $5.00. A real steal. She likes the tri tip meal…


and I’m more of a chicken meal kind of girl.


Also this week the boss brought in lunch for us from these same folks and everyone really enjoyed it.

So give ’em a try.


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