Supporting my honey bunny, and recent eats at Chompies, Fry Bread House, Uptown Farmers Market, and Linda’s starting at First Fridays next month

24 Jan


My sweetie has been through some serious stuff lately. He’s looking for work.

It’s been a complicated past week. When your loved one goes through the life changing stuff, well…you just want to do everything you can to support him.

But, even with all the recent hubub, we still have to eat. So lately, we’ve been to Chompies


We love their pastrami sandwich.

Also I made a solo trip to The Fry Bread House. Red Chili beef. I should have ordered beans on this, but I forgot.


No matter. It was delicious. Only when I have a savory frybread do I partake of the guilty pleasure of fountain Coke. Word on the street is that they are moving in April to 7th Avenue and Hazelwood. They purchased the building.

Last Saturday (or was it the Saturday before? this month is a blur) I was at the Uptown farmers market on Central Ave/Bethany Home (North Phoenix Baptist Church parking lot)

Lookie lookie.


Local honey… and pickles!


Jack is a huge fan of bread and butter pickles.

So I didn’t break the bank, about $23 all together.Could have spent a lot more on local produce and pottery. And more honey.

We had a Puerto Rican feast recently. Most of you know that Jack spent 3 years there before he came to the US. So yes, he learned Spanish and then English. I am always amazed at his journey to get here.

We started with fried plantains.


And then moved onto a  picnic roasted pork.


He also made rice in which a liberal amount of Spanish chorizo and Spam were used. And local olives from Queen Creek Olive Mill.



Yes… life is rough when your boyfriend is a cheffie!

On New Years Eve we opened a bottle of wine we got in Napa in 2012 when we were there visiting Jack’s brother and sister.


It is (was) a reisling from a winery called Trefethen. Anyways, if you can find a bottle, buy six. It is delicious. Fruity and effervescent.

I came across this picture of Jack from about 1 year ago when he was living in Tempe and he brought over a Fiat for me to test drive.


His enthusiasm is contagious. And he does these random acts of kindness not just for me, for for his friends. It’s a fabulous thing.

We had a great happy hour last night at Arriba.


Just know that the margaritas are 99 cents and I think appetizers are half price. We had mini beef and chicken chimichangas, guacamole and green chile with tortillas, rice and beans. And we spent about $20.

My friend Linda Kelliker displayed some of her paintings at Second Fridays in Mesa this month.



Yup, that’s the one that generated the most interest. Anyways, now you can see her at First Fridays in Phoenix also, starting in February. This is very exciting news!

In celebration of Linda’s birthday this month (*sweet 16*) we had a potluck at work. I made my famous kahlua fudge cupcakes.


When I try to bring something else, the natives get restless. So I go with what works.

I’m feeling sentimental today, so here’s the heart shaped schnitzel Jack made for me last Valentine’s Day.


Not sure how he plans to top that this year!


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