Thanksgiving in Santa Fe

28 Dec

I’m not winning at publishing this post. This is my third time so maybe I will get it right this time.

Save, save save! (your work)

One of my relatives asked me over dinner one night, “Why are you going to New Mexico for Thanksgiving?”

“It sounded like fun.” I said.

Also, Jack found a good price on air, hotel and rental car ūüôā

Our flight to Albuquerque on Thanksgiving Day was uneventful, and Southwest Air treated us to an alcohol beverage of choice, very nice of them. We were also¬†bringing our own drink coupons, courtesy of one of Jack’s friends who works for the airline. Friends with benefits!

We found our rental car, a Dodge Dart at the Alamo lot and unfortunately it had a recall, so we chose a Nissan Versa instead. Jack thought maybe this was a good thing since it would be cheaper on gas. The drive to Santa Fe was only 30 minutes.

Our home for a few nights, Best Western, was conveniently located across the street from Adelitas restaurant on Cerrillos Road. Thanksgiving had arrived.

It was a non-traditional dinner, but we really enjoyed our parrillada with carne asada and lengua. It came with baked potatoes, tortillas and grilled onions.



With all of the salsas and marinated veggies we were glad our Mexican cokes were nearby.


This is where I make a mention of my travel companion, boyfriend and partner in crime for life in general, Jack. He is such an easy traveler. He packs light, will go almost anywhere, almost anytime and doesn’t need a fixed itinerary to do it. What I mean is, we have a general idea of what we wanted to do in New Mexico but we both agreed if we skipped some things that would be okay. Opportunities to go back. I’m so thankful.

After dinner we found Owl Liquors nearby and loaded up on sweet and salty snacks, sodas and there might have been some liquor ūüėČ We got back to the hotel and took a long nap. Our room was really nice. ¬†There was a fridge, coffee maker and I have a vague memory of a microwave. For me, it’s important to have a place for leftovers, and be able to make tea before bedtime.

Friday we just drove around Santa Fe a little and found a pueblo museum that was closed. (The POEH Museum) The architecture was beautiful though so we just got out and started taking pictures.


This looked like a fabulous place to have a picnic, if it hadn’t been so chilly!


I made a friend.

You notice we’re bundled up. It was quite chilly and a little windy in some places, therefore the hat and scarf.

It’s nice to stop for a bit, see something and then get back in the car and start driving again to see something else. Jack likes a road trip. We found some pretty mountain scenery just outside Santa Fe.


We drove through some Indian reservations and just enjoyed the long views. That’s one of my favorite parts about travel. Getting away from the city and seeing nature.

We came back to Santa Fe for an early dinner at Los Potrillos. Sorry there aren’t any pictures. Jack had a grilled steak with shrimp and I was excited to see gorditas on the menu so I ordered a trio: chicken, shredded beef and pork with green salsa. The pork with green salsa was my favorite. I had a michelada, one of my favorite drinks, with clamato and beer. It’s a very friendly place¬†and has¬†flan on the dessert menu, which made Jack happy. He took some back to the room for later. Jack had been there a few years back with his boss/workmates and was hoping we would be able to find it.

We did make it to Roswell on this trip. Day 3 we drove there from Santa Fe, about a 2 1/2 hour drive. It’s a really beautiful drive, by the way. There’s a lot of farming and ranching, and no tall buildings, so the sky is really visible. Occasionally I have a spiritual experience when I travel. That’s what the drive to Roswell did for me.

Also it was fun to see the International UFO Museum. Jack is big on UFO’s so Roswell was a must see for us (he saw one back in San Francisco with one of his buddies a long time ago). All of the news articles, pictures, videos and alien figures are enough to make you think it is possible.



ResizedImage_1419715877381 (1)

I think I believe now.

We were happy to find a chinese buffet in Roswell. Again, sorry no pictures. It’s one of our preferred methods of consuming mass quantities of chinese food. The China King Super Buffet took care of us¬†with all of the usual offerings¬†and gave us a free calendar to take home. A souvenir for my Dad.


The drive back to Santa Fe was done mostly by me…and the sunset was just amazing. At first it was blue, grey purple and pink and then it was orange and yellow. With very little ambient light it was quite different for us to see a sunset on the road.

My impressions of Santa Fe are that it is unmanicured, unpretentious, brown (I’m down with brown) and unspoiled. Clearly that review won’t get me any points with Arizona Highways Magazine, but I just found the simple beauty of the place really amazing. Like it wasn’t trying too hard if you know what I mean. And all the people we met were very friendly. I was told recently that there is a very rich community there,¬†but apparently we didn’t run into it.

Our last day in Santa Fe we packed up and headed to Albuquerque for a night. I took some pictures on the way. It’s always funny to take pictures of the driver, I don’t know why but I always like to do it. Maybe because the subject material is so good.

ResizedImage_1419715901084 (1)

In Albuquerque we wanted to do a little shopping, and the touristy shops there were very fun.


I found some wooden wick candles for Mom and Mike, a candy shop (for me), some red butterfly earrings for Linda, a día de los muertos magnet (me again) and quite a bit of Breaking Bad merchandise. We bought Jack an apron that says Cooking with Heisenberg.


We couldn’t get away from it. It was actually a good surprise because we both liked the series so much.

Flight home the next day made even better with our drink coupons. Jack has a photo of me in his phone drinking a screwdriver with a goofy smile.

It was fun to go someplace new.


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