Cheesecake a la Linda, Tres Leches cake from Taco Guild, Authentic Thai lunch at Thai e- San, 150 Salad from Juic’d, Crawfish at Angry Crab, Volk Stock 2014

8 Nov


My super-talented, funny and artistic friend Linda made us a cheesecake this week. I think she uses sour cream in her recipe. All I can tell you is that it is creamy and not too sweet. And the crust is perfect. I just love it when she makes cheesecake. It’s very good for breakfast. Jack prefers it for dessert. ūüėČ

She also gifted us with some wild boar, which we are very excited to try. If anyone out there has made it before, your tips are appreciated.

We are thinking a marinade/grilling might be just the trick.

Last weekend on our way to Da Vang we stumbled upon a Thai restaurant we had never tried before, Thai E- San.  Being a fairly adventurous couple, we decided to detour and give this place a try. Without recommendation or reading any reviews. Sometimes to go in blind is a good thing.

We started with Thai egg rolls which were fried and crispy, and simply delicious. Be careful, though as they come out of the kitchen very hot. Next we tried a papaya salad, one of our favorite dishes. It is made with strands of green papaya, fish sauce, peanuts, dried shrimp and magic fairy dust (the stuff I don’t know about).


The papaya is crunchy and has a very clean flavor. This is one of my favorite Thai salads.

Also we enjoyed Rad Nah, a wide rice noodle smothered in gravy, with broccoli. We added chicken. Lookie lookie.


Needless to say, with the quality of the food, we are planning our next meal there. Fish cakes and pineapple fried rice, probably.

Just like us. Always planning our next meal…

Halloween was pretty uneventful for us this year, as most years. No parties or trick or treaters. But that’s okay. I did dress up for our work Halloween costume contest as a (wait for it)

Sanborn’s waitress!


I should mention here that I have never been to a Sanborn’s. It is a massive chain of restaurants in Mexico. It was first introduced to me in a conversation with a former flame (yes there’s at least one) who lived in Hermosillo at the time. He said not only is it a restaurant, there is a gift shop. He used to go there to read their magazines and books, on the free. He intimated it was better than a library. He was learning English at the time. ¬†I found that an endearing story.

Then I saw a picture of a Sanborn’s waitress in Saveur magazine, I think it was last year. She was so pretty and I thought, I could duplicate that costume.

So how did I do?

Being a foodie it felt very natural to carry a tray with burritos that would eventually become my lunch. Then after work Jack put a bottle of tequila on the tray and took that picture you see above. Then our neighbor walked into the complex, and we offered him a shot. ¬†I told him that it wouldn’t be a normal Friday occurrence.

Jack made a beautiful spicy chicken soup for us last week.


Tom Yum Gai. He makes this soup a lot. It is especially aromatic, with lemongrass, ginger and lime. There was enough leftover that I could bring some to my Dad, who likes it with rice.

Jack is so sweet. Normally I go to yoga now on Sundays at Madison Improvement Club and last weekend he brought home some BoSa donuts so we we could eat them with french press coffee. Sometimes he will go to Filibertos and get menudo and bring me home a strawberry filled churro. That is also always appreciated.

IMG_20141026_092547_890 (1)

I think that was the last of our coffee from Hava Java. We grind the beans ourselves, and when you pour hot water over them the smell is amazing.

This is where I say again how thankful I am to be in a relationship with someone who likes and appreciates good food as much as I do.

Being a person who appreciates good food and also baked goods, I was happy to see that Bertha’s Cafe is doing pumpkin whoopie pies for the holidays.


I’m also lover of their mango gazpacho when it’s in season, and also their chicken curry salad. ¬†They do gluten free bakery items too in case you don’t do flour.

We were very excited to have the Angry Crab Shack and BBQ open just down the street recently. It is in the plaza where the Manuels and Sprouts are, on 28th Street and Indian School.


We went in for dinner and they were really busy. So we sat at the bar. I love a restaurant where you can sit at the bar. Not pretentious at all.

We were glad to see they have local beers and all kinds of seafood offerings. Crawfish, crab, shrimp…all kinds of things they put in a bag and boil for you with your choice of sauces and heat choices. Be warned! We chose a garlic #2 sauce and it was very spicy. You can add red potatoes and corn to your bag, which we did. Our server told us the crawfish were frozen since they are out of season now, and we would not have known since they arrived so perfectly cooked, moist and the consistency was just right. And spicy. Did I say spicy? Very garlicky. Next time we need to order to the trifecta sauce, that was recommended to us by friends at work Villa and John. ¬†They also have po boy sandwiches and bbq which we will try trying on another visit. So glad to have them close to home.

Jack heard from a friend that the Volk Stock VW show was coming to Phoenix last month and we felt we needed to be there. Especially since we both love the brand so much, and Jack learned how to work on air cooled VWs before he came to Arizona. Air cooled VWs are his favorite.

ResizedImage_1415470664412 (1)

He has worked on Beetles, Busses, Karman, Squarebacks and probably more models I don’t know about.

We couldn’t get enough of all of the Busses displayed.


Peace out!

I don’t normally mentioned non-local restaurants here but Dad and I had drinks a few weeks back at Henry. We had been to a movie at Harkins and now I can’t remember the name of it. Does that happen to you? We do have alzheimers in our family…so there’s that.

When I visited my friends in Vitoria, Spain some years back they introduced me to sweet vermouth with olives and orange slices.

IMG_20141024_153245_482 (1)

This has become one of my favorite drinks.¬†Very bright.¬†And I wasn’t influenced by the movie Groundhog Day. Although…it is a good thing to drink¬†a sweet vermouth and toast to world peace.

Their avocado toast is delicious (not pictured).

My picture from the 150 salad Dad and I enjoyed at Juic’d didn’t download. So I’ll just mention here it is a great salad with a creamy curry dressing and it’s supposed to have over 150 ingredients, most of which are veggies. There are lentils too, and I think, barley. Get this salad. We had ours at the Scottsdale Fashion Park location, they are also at Biltmore Fashion Park. Tasty juices too! Mine was green and had ginger in it. Very refreshing.

Thankfully my tres leches cake picture from Taco Guild did download. We ate their a few weeks back and Jack is just crazy about their tacos and I’m a huge fan of their grilled romaine salad with chicken, bacon and creamy cilantro dressing. This was my breafkast the next day. They make theirs with mango and cinnamon. It’s delicious.

ResizedImage_1415470771273 (1)

They also make flan.







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