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22 Oct

Linda and I just got back from Atlanta. And we ate some really good food! (surprise)

While there we visited with Rob and Brad over sumptuous meals, one of which was at The Vortex. An enormous chili dog for me and fried plantains. Yes, that is a side there instead of french fries. I think I need to go to Atlanta more often. The front of the building looks like an open mouth skull. Cool, right?IMG952536

I didn’t pay attention to everyone else’s meals too much, since I was concentrating on my huge chili dog and local beer that they make at the Vortex. It was an amber and hit the spot.  There might have been a couple of burgers on our table and a reuben. That’s right, I remember Brad mentioned he liked sauerkraut, like me…you should check this place out when in Atlanta.

For the life of me I can’t remember the name of this bar/restaurant I ate this next dish at but there was dancing and live music. I’m sure that helps to narrow that down for you. They had crawfish etoufee on the menu and I had to have it. I will check with my partners in crime and find out the name of the restaurant for you. In the meantime, here’s my dinner.


And I might have enjoyed a local beer also.

One of the reasons Linda and I went to Atlanta was to see the Mexican band, Cafe Tacvba. And wow, what a show (a sold out show, see picture below).


The band was all over the stage, had a lot of energy and many costume changes. I cannot say enough about this band. Very creative! And lots of encores after we shouted “Culero!” and “otro!” The venue was Center Stage and I would go back there in a heartbeat. Every seat was a god one, there was a large area downstairs where one could see the band up closer, dance, mosh and be carried throughout the crowd. Since we are not teenagers, we took seats, and enjoyed our screwdriver and Corona.

Linda got all gussied up as usual for the show. She is a glamour queen! I did my best with what we have.



One of the local beers I enjoyed mostly on our trip was Sweetwater 420.


I found out about it at a local craft show where there were food vendors (yay!). It is very hoppy and since I am a fan of IPA beers, it worked quite well for me. I will look for it here, although when in AZ I usually drink Devils Ale from Santan Brewing Co. Gotta be true to my school!

While in Atlanta we had drinks at the W Midtown bar where there is a “couch swing” that Rob and Brad had to try. I think they are a very cute couple.


I’m trying to find out where I can order this for me and Jack, and if there is room in our 650 square feet of living space to put it. 🙂

We have peeps at work who recommended places for us to visit in Atlanta (Thanks Crystal!). Otherwise we would have not been to Gladys Knights Chicken & Waffles, where we ate copious amounts of chicken and waffles, smothered chicken, fried green tomatoes, yams and mac and cheese.

IMG_20141017_140907_602 (1)

The remoulade for the fried green tomatoes was really spicy. Loved it.

This is the place where I mention we didn’t stay at a local resort in Atlanta. But we tried to. There was no room at the inn. Maybe the band (and their large staff) was staying here? Regardless, next time we will stay at Artmore.

Not sure if I’ve mentioned it lately, but my Mom is a great baker. We like to hang out on the weekend, and most recently, have discovered selfies.


This one might be too close, actually. I think you can see our pores.

We do have fun, though. My Mom is really goofy. We talk about all kinds of things like politics, injustices, baking, hair, makeup, relationships etc etc.

She was making oatmeal cookies a couple of weekends ago from a Costco cookbook. They turned out really delicious. Chewy. They didn’t have too much flour, just 1/2 cup, so they were mostly oatmeal. And walnuts. And raisins.



One of my favorite salads here in town is the Bistro salad at Acacia Cafe. Dad and I often go there for breakfast, and if I don’t have leftovers available for lunch, I get one of these.


Chicken, spinach, slivered almonds, ruby red grapefruit, avocado and a homemade poppyseed dressing. They give you a little garlic toast too.

It’s a great deal for $6.50. And will help you maintain your girlish figure.

My chocolate eclair picture from Essence Bakery didn’t upload. So I will just tell you, it wasn’t big enough. And it was filled with rum creme. You need one.  This is why the kitchen wench needs to eat salads for lunch.


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