Good works, Las Vegas weekend, BBQ Co, The Parlor, Da Vang, The Stand

7 Oct

Do you know someone who is out in the community doing good works? I do. Rob Adams. Lookie lookie.

IMG952838 (2)

He is taking classes at Greenville Tech and was installing a ramp yesterday with Habitat for Humanity. Woot woot!

We were in Las Vegas recently for a fabulous weekend of comedy, eats and swimmies.

We do enjoy road trips.


Jennifer Coolidge (comedian/actress) was performing at the Venetian. You might remember her from movies like American Pie and All About Cats and Dogs. Most recently she has been in the TV Show Two Broke Girls which is one of my favorite roles she has done.

Her performance was super hilarious. Much of the time she talked about wanting to find a husband and her staff. And why all that is funny…you just have to go and see her yourself!


Clearly, we were having a good time at her show. We stayed at the Rio. They give you a do not disturb tag for your door that is pretty silly.


We kept it. (shocker!) I’m not an expert in all things Vegas, but after this trip I’m inclined to say it could be a good thing to stay in the downtown area. We walked around at night and took pictures of the neon signs.

IMG_20140921_194120_775 (1)

There are a lot of street performers and artists, free …unless you want to take pictures or buy something. There were also lowriders driving by since a car show was in town that weekend.


People along the street were encouraging drivers to make their cars hop. We really got a kick out of that. There is a more independent vibe downtown that I really liked. Also, we did not know until this visit that Las Vegas has a (wait for it) Chinatown!

Yes, we were very excited about this because typically…the food in the other Chinatown we had been to (San Francisco) was good, abundant and cheap. The same can be said for Las Vegas Chinatown. For lunch, we enjoyed a whole fried flounder, water grass with garlic and house fried rice.

IMG_20140921_184353_282 (1)

There are dozens of restaurants, an asian supermarket and gift shops. We love asian supermarkets, and Jack is all about “try it before you buy it.” This fruit tasted like a sour apple and looks like a date. It was tasty.

IMG_20140921_124832_789 (1)

Chinatown was a good distraction from the Las Vegas we are used to.

Lunch during the work week can be a challenge. Especially for a girl on a budget. I don’t eat out a lot during the week. Mostly I bring leftovers (I’m lucky since my mainsqueeze is such a good cook). But once a week I like to get out of the office. Close to work I like BBQ Co (36th St. just north of Broadway). They had a bbq chicken sandwich lunch special last week that came with fries and a drink for $8. Not too shabby.


Very good quality bbq. And nice buns!

I wasn’t able to post our soup picture at Da Vang (Vietnamese) restaurant from last weekend. But I can tell you what we had. Beef noodle soup (for Jack) and wonton soup for me. You can ask for the wide rice noodles in your beef noodle soup (normally they are spaghetti size) and that’s what Jack likes to do. The wonton soup has shrimp, fish ball, squid and wontons with ramen noodles. They are at 19th Avenue and Campbell. And one of our favorite places for soup lately.

Sometimes a girl (two girls in this case) needs a sumptuous lunch. Especially after payday. Linda and I went to The Parlor last Friday for beet salad, tagliatelle with meat sauce, sausage and sage pizza, tiramisu and pineapple fritters.


It is one of my favorite places in central Phoenix. I tried Benedictine for the first time. It is made by monks, after all. And any help I can get to digest is a good thing. On Sunday Jack suggested we grab a bite at Taco Guild, and I was very excited…since I had just finished yoga at Madison Improvement Club, and was quite hungry.


The restaurant is inside a former church at 7th St. and Osborn, and they make great (and unusual) tacos with pork, beef, fish, duck, etc. Jack tried a snapper curry and duck taco while I chose a grilled romaine salad with chicken. It had bacon bits and a creamy cilantro dressing that helped to cool down all that heat. It was amazing. I can’t wait to try it next with beef or shrimp. They also have a nice drink list (sangria/mexican beers/flights of tequila/margs) and desserts like tres leches cake and flan. So come hungry.

I was hungry on Saturday after work. So I stopped for a lentil fetoosh salad from Pita Jungle (not pictured) and a dulce de leche shake at The Stand.

IMG_20140930_193547_609 (1)

These guys have a good thing going. You have to try this shake.    Not too sweet. Very filling!


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