Home cooking, Bluewater Grill, Urban Cookies, Hava Java, The Gladly, Carniceria/Panaderia Los Alamos

5 Aug

We made lamb burgers this weekend. And fried (previously frozen) artichoke hearts, with fried portobello mushrooms and latkes. Lookie.
Amazing meal. Jack likes to put an italian sausage with the lamb to give it extra texture and flavor. And they were made on the grill. With love, of course…
Urban Cookies, one of my favorite sweet places, recently participated in cupcake wars and made some wonderful/interesting flavors. Olive oil/rosewater, birthday cake chocolate frosted, lemon, coconut…the list was long. I picked up four (since they sent me a buy 3 get one free coupon) and took them to my aunt and Dad for snacks last weekend (not pictured). They will also make an ice cream sandwich for you with your choice of cookies for $4.99.
I think it’s the bees knees. I have tried them before and it’s not something you can have after a meal. It is the meal.
Recently we were at Bluewater Grill for din-din and Jack was able to take advantage of their losbster special. It comes with corn, potatoes and steamed clams.
I went after the crab arugula salad with gusto. It has a citrus vinaigrette that is fresh and delicious.
After dinner on our way home we stopped at Hava Java for coffee. We normally do french press on the weekends and we were out of beans. Their staff is very friendly and will recommend a coffee for you.
The Gladly has a super happy hour. They do a special drink for $5.00 and last friday it was a pisco. Very refreshing. There might have been some bourbon in it. πŸ™‚
We also enjoyed wings, spicy yummy nuts, pickled pork temple (this was interesting, a cold potted dish served with toast) and sausage with pretzel bread. These guys also own Citizen Public House, which I haven’t visited yet, but plan to very soon.
More home cooking. Jack made pasta last week with ground lamb, olive oil, garlic portobello mushrooms and those multicolor “snacking” peppers. This was a great dish!
There was enough to share with my bestie at work.
So it’s still hot out there, I highly recommend you try a mangoneada at Tropical Snowflake.
It is frozen mango with fruit juices, chamoy, serpentina candy and fresh mango. You have gotta try this. I’m sending their kids to college. πŸ˜‰
Unrelated to food, my bro sent a picture of my niece and nephew swimming last weekend. Sweet kiddos!
When Jack gets home late (I almost always get home late) we sometimes need a quick feed. Los Alamos is our place. 36th St./McDowell.
You get a whole roasted chicken, beans, rice, tortillas, salsa and a 2 liter bottle of coke for $10.99. A huge ganga!


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