San Francisco eats, The Break Room, Jay’s Gyros and Red Devil

23 Jul

We were so glad to be able to take a trip to San Francisco to visit Jack’s sister, brother and their families this summer. His sister Apple put us up (or put up with us rather) for 3 nights and then we spent a night at a tiny hotel just outside of Chinatown. As you can see here, Jack’s sister is …fabulous! She is standing in front of her husband Alfonso’s low rider Impala. We rode in it. And yes, it goes up and down 🙂


But this is what you want to know, right? Here’s what we ate:
Seafood at the Wharf…including calamari, sourdough bread and shrimp cocktail.
The bread at Boudin, also at the Wharf is a must eat. I was eating a half baguette of raisin/chocolate bread. I wish we would have stayed a few more days so I could eat several of these.
We also took pictures of their bread made into animals. We spied turtles and a crab. Very creative!
Near the Wharf is Buena Vista bar. It has been there since the late 1800’s, so we felt we had to visit. They are famous for their irish coffee (Jack’s choice) and I tried to impress the bartender with my knowledge of liqueurs and ordered an Aperol (he was unimpressed). But the drinks did produce a nice buzz all the same.
In North Beach, we had dessert at a restaurant called Mona Lisa that has a vintage Fiat convertible in front of it. The owner is genius because he lets you sit in it to take pictures and then lures you into his restaurant. Smart! I need one of these. Jack really liked this car.
Here’s the fancy desserts we ate there. Lemon ice for me (in a lemon no less) and tiramisu for Jack.
Across the street from Mona Lisa there is a candy shop where Jack found some enormous jaw breakers. We didn’t eat anything there but it is one of those old timey places that is fun and nostalgic.
We really enjoyed the Castro District. Drinks at Twin Peaks and then snacks at Hot Cookie. Their enormous cookies are really delicioius (not pictured). Mine had pecans and chocolate chips. And Apple had something called a Sexy bar. I’m not old enough for one of those…however, we did buy a pair of the red underwear for a dear friend in SC (you know who you are!)
And when we got home we discovered we still had to eat. Haha. That’s my segue.

One of my favorite places to eat near work is Jay’s Gyros. Last week Linda and I were there and I had a chicken sandwich with onions and peppers. Lookie lookie.
I was impressed by the quality of the bun, for me the bread needs to be perfect if it is going to be a good sandwich. These guys have a great little place on 48th St./Broadway. Also I have tried their gyro salad and it is very tasty and a good value.
Recently I was with my bro Mike, Cindy and Linda at Red Devil at 31st St. and McDowell. We enjoyed their zucchini and mushrooms, combo pizza (they will make a thick crust pizza for you if you ask) and dessert. Make note, that their desserts are really worth the trip. I had spumoni, while Linda and Mike chose cannoli and Cindy ordered cheesecake. No complaints from anyone at the table. In fact, it got really quiet. You can see why.
IMG_20140718_175936_791 (1)
After dinner Linda and I went over to her daughter’s bar, The Break Room. The lovely Adrian (not pictured) will make you a drink called a rusty fox.
Watch out, though, because it’s potent. It’s a good scene, there are pool tables, darts, karaoke and juke box. And a kitchen! The menu which I haven’t had a chance to enjoy in about a year and a half, has changed (new ownership), it’s very big, with sandwiches and appetizers. I’m getting back there soon for a bite. And a drink, of course.


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