Herb Box, TeePee, Hazelwoods, Autumn Court, Desert Jade, Tropical Snowflake, Essence

16 Jun

We’ve been eating out a bit more lately. Partly because Jack’s the main cook and he’s been thrown under the bus recently. If you’ve ever seen your sweetie suffer stress at work, you know it’s tough. I get out pretty late at work so sometimes getting a meal out seems more practical.

Since Jack came over to this side of town, we’re spending more time at restaurants in the Arcadia area…this weekend we were at TeePee (41st street/Thomas) where he enjoyed chorizo with eggs and I had the green chile burrito with red sauce. Spicy. We liked everything we ate (which typically we do).


After lunch we went to Tropical Snowflake (32nd St/McDowell). Mango raspado with ice cream for Jack and frozen strawberries with cream for me. Love this place.


Desert Jade is a Chinese restaurant in the neighborhood we have been to recently – twice in fact. The first time we ordered house fried rice, spicy beef with vegetables and potstickers. Then the next day we went back for some more house fried rice – since Jack was going to eat the leftovers from the previous day, and was out of rice. It’s reliable and inexpensive.  We’ll be there often.


We have been to Hazelwoods twice also recently (36th st/Indian school). They have dinner specials every night. Last Thursday Jack had the steak special with green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy. I was feeling on the lighter side and enjoyed a greek salad with chicken. The quality of the food is really surprising, for a sports bar.


Their fried zucchini and wings are also delicious. They have a great selection of draft beers, too.  And lots ot TV’s. So you can watch soccer, baseball and basketball all at once.  I used to go there for trivia night and that was fun. Lots of brainiacs.

Another local Chinese place we have been to this month is Autumn Court (37th street/Indian school). I seem to remember the owner is (was?) a relative of the China Doll people (used to be on 7th St./Osborn and we used to eat there a lot as a family; there were fabulous egg rolls). We really liked the food at Autumn Court although I don’t remember exactly what we ate. Potstickers maybe with some type of beef dish and rice. Jack remarked that the rice was very good quality. He is a bit of a rice man. Buys it in 20 pound bags. He will twitch if he doesn’t have some at least every three days (not really. I do tease him a little though). They have a nice drink selection. I will try something with vodka and lychees next time. They were out of sticky rice with mango and Jack said he was going to give the owner a hard time about it the next time we go.  🙂

Dad and I celebrated Father’s day a little early last Friday (when I work a half day I tend to employ my dad as my partner in crime, sometimes at Otro, The Parlor, AT Oasis…the list grows). We went to Herb Box, one of my favorite restaurants in old town Scottsdale. Dad chose the butternut squash enchiladas and a couple of mango boozy drinks that looked very refreshing. I opted for the veggie nosh which includes chick peas with quinoa, hummus and a beet salad. They will usually substitute tzatziki for the hummus for me, which is my favorite thing they make. They use a homemade yogurt that has a good dose of fresh dill. For me it just presses the right buttons. I also ordered some sweet potato chips and a cucumber basil mojito. All good choices.

I’m not sure about you, but I really notice flooring and architecture at restaurants. The Herb Box has one of the best bathroom floors, as far as I can tell. We have a concrete floor at home and if we don’t recover it with bamboo, I would like to have this done.


Around the corner of Herb Box there is a little store called Garage. It’s filled with cute clothes for girls, boys, women and a few guys things. Pricy. There are purses, jewelry, beautiful colored scarves and a lot of ridiculous things. I found these key chains that shoot balls out of their mouths.

Can you tell I’m in the easily amused department?


Another place Dad and I were at recently is the First Draft Book Bar (at Changing Hands Bookstore’s new location on 3rd Ave/Camelback). They get their pastries from local bakers and there are wines and local beers. I bought three books (two new and one used and one more for my mom) and Dad and I enjoyed some drinks. I tried a pretzel from MJ Bakery and Dad had a muffin which he said was very moist.


The bookstore also has gifts and one of my favorite things.



Essence is one of mine and Dad’s favorites (38th St/Indian school). I always take pictures of the pastries when I go there because they are so pretty…although I don’t always order one. Trying to maintain my girlish figure you know. Her eclairs sometimes have boozy fillings.


I really like their homemade granola that comes with dates and seasonal fruits. Dad likes the huevos frencheros (french style scrambled eggs) that come with little baked potatoes that I usually snatch away from him since he says it’s too much food.

Recently the owner/chef Eugenia gave Dad and me both an organic apple turnover.  Her pastry is so light and the apples were not too sweet. I think I will have to bring some of these to Mom this week.

One of the places Jack and I will always go regardless of where we live (if we ever decide to move to Thailand that might be the exception) is Mekong Palace.

IMG_20140608_124416_462 (1)

We love all of their restaurants that serve great Chinese food, dim sum (see picture above), smoothies with boba, pho and most of all there is a huge asian/international market with produce, fish (where they clean and cook it for you if you want), a butcher with meats from every animal with every part such as duck heads (beaks included) and you can also buy the things on your regular grocery list like milk and eggs. And they have a good beer selection. I wish we lived closer to them because I would be there every day. The last time we were there we saw these baby mangoes. Aren’t they cute?


Jack had recently bought some regular sized mangoes of the same variety at Ranch 44 market – now called Super L Ranch Market so we didn’t take any of these home (yes we also shop the competition).




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