Oasis Raspados, Otro Cafe, someone to bake your pies/cakes and home cooking

2 Apr

So …it’s warming up. And that means I’m spending more time at Oasis Raspados. 32nd Street/McDowell. Recently I was there with my friend Rob who was visiting from South Carolina and he wasn’t really getting his mind/mouth wrapped around the whole spicy/salty/sweet/fruity thing that the chamoyada is (I think that’s bad grammar).

I digress.

That’s okay. Oasis has ice cream and other more mild flavored treats like fresas congeladas con crema (frozen strawberries with creme) for folks who aren’t into the spicy frozen treats.

But I’m a purist. I’m sticking with chamoyadas with mango, thank you very much.Image


A few weeks back Rob and I were at Jennifers on 36th Street and Indian School when we met one of their servers, Karlene. She happens to be a pastry chef (yes!) and she will make you a pie or cake. And possibly deliver it for you. Here’s the peach pie she made for my Mom for her birthday.


Her mad pastry skills saved me a bunch of time. Here is her email address if you want her to bake for your next event. karlenelynn@gmail.com

Jack made soup for us a couple of nights ago. He had this broth that had been previously frozen when he made “chicken in a pot” (last post I think). He added lemongrass, onion, carrots, tomatoes, bamboo shoots, rice noodles, garlic and all the other stuff he calls “magic fairy dust.” It’s a healing soup. If you have a bad day and you eat this, you will feel better.



My brother Mike actually called it medicinal. He’s a smartie.

They bought us lunch at work this week. It was our end of month meal, and they either feed us breakfast or lunch. This time it was hot dogs. I love me a good hot dog.

In actuality, I had two.Image

One with chili (not pictured) and this one with sauerkraut and relish. It was so delish.

We always appreciate the free lunch. 🙂

Jack made lumpia last night. They are filipino style egg rolls. I’m pretty sure these had chicken in them but I’m not sure what else. He serves them with a sweet & sour type sauce that I don’t have a picture of.


These are made with love, you can tell.

I’m a bit of a shoe whore (how do I segue to this?) as most of you know. Recently I was at Scottsdale Fashion Mall and spotted these platforms. I am pretty crazy about them (see picture below).

Unfortunately I suspect they cost the size of my rent payment, so I am glad to be surrounded by other like minded shoe whores who give me shoes they no longer wear, or pick up at goodwill (you know who you are …Linda)

A local boutique, Frances on Camelback had beautiful shoes, the last time I checked. It might be time to pop back over there one of these days…they carry shoes from Remix in Los Angeles and they are fabulous. Platforms, which I like. They give me height.ImageIn the meantime, a girl can dream….

This morning when I woke up I noticed my windows were tinted. Jack took my car over to a local tinting shop while I was at work yesterday. Image What a nice surprise! He’s a keeper.

I’m convalescing today, not sure if it was the fish balls we had last night (they disagreed with me) or if it’s a flu bug. Either way, the cookie fairy felt I needed a pretty iced cookie to cheer me up. These are from AJ’s Fine Foods and they bake them at Barb’s Bakery (24th St.). They are amazing. They make them for all seasons. I suggest you pick up a box and take them into your co-workers for Easter. You will be instantly popular.Image

The sandwich fairy brought me this beautiful braut (from The Pork Shop) sandwich today on ciabatta bread with sauteed tomatoes, peppers and onions. Convalescing isn’t so bad, it seems…



Bianca and I went over to Otro Cafe (7th St/Bethany) last weekend for lunch. A carne asada torta, paella and inca salad were on our menu, along with a calimocho for me (half red wine and half coke) and a bloody mary for her.

It was her first time. And she loved it. Image

And who would not? Now I need to go back and try their open faced blt. I’ve seen it on facebook and it is speaking to me.




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