The best news in my neighborhood and recent eatings

28 Mar

So glad to find out today that Food City, my local neighborhood market will be open through June or July of this year, and is not closing at the end of this month, which I was previously told.


We get a little spoiled with our favorite (and hopefully local) supermarket right down the street. Sometimes we forget to shop local. Well, that’s why it’s important. When you see one of your favorites close, think of that and be mindful where you shop.

Enough lecture.

Rob returned to his home in South Carolina recently from his visit to Phoenix, and he’s been planting. Yesterday sent me a picture of some new members of the garden.



He’s always doing something, whether it’s landscaping the family home, making a beautiful bedspread or painting the front porch for a family member. He’s thoughtful that way. A good one to have around.

Need a little giftie for that niece or nephew? Poor little rich girl on 36th Street and Indian School has dolls and handmade monsters.



They are so cute and they are already named. I’ve bought 4 already. Keeping this one.

Got a haircut today with my mum at Magañas (our favorite place) on 32nd St. and McDowell. The ladies there are so nice. See Sonia or Lupe. And usually someone there speaks enough English if you don’t speak Spanish. It’s very reasonable and Mom always leaves happy.

And my brows are less Frida Khalo.  Mom looks fabulous…


Today after haircuts we went to A.T. Oasis at 46th St. and Thomas. It’s a new Ethiopian coffee shop and they make sandwiches and also sell bagged coffee, coffee drinks and baked sweets. I spotted what looked like some lemon pound cake that I will have to try next time. Today we picked up some bags of beans for my boss and his assistant manager, since they have been so good to me.



We have to look out for our people. I always try to do so locally.Image

Last night Jack made chicken in a pot. He uses a whole chicken, lemongrass, onions, a whole head of garlic, ginger and a dash of this and a dash of that (his words). Then he uses the broth to make jasmine rice and then we drink the leftover broth. Image

Really a very homey and tasty meal. He makes a couple of dipping sauces (not pictured) with hot green brined thai peppers/fish sauce and another with soy sauce and sugar. He’s an amazing cook. I’m convinced some day Mario Batali will try to whisk him away from me to be his sous chef. I would have to fly to NYC or Vegas to spend weekends with him. Hmmmm I don’t mind travel…

I digress. Travel gives me wanderlust. Or thoughts of travel. Or thoughts of food.

Before I met up with Mom today for haircuts, I met Dad for lunch (I needed sustenance to make it through the afternoon you know) at The Parlor. 19th St. and Camelback. They have a pizza with sausage, sage and raddichio. It is a great combination, and they use local sausage.


They were voted best pizza in 2011, I think it was, and when you try their pizza you will know why. What a crust.

Our potluck at work this week was a huge success. Lookie lookie at all the goodies.


Bianca made green chile and Ruben did the deviled eggs, I made the pasta salad (it was fabulous) and Joanna made mac and cheese, Lea did her famous bbq meatballs (in the crockpot – genius) and there were other yummy things that everyone contributed. The piece de resistance was my kahlua fudge cupcakes.


I made the frosting with an Abuelita Mexican chocolate tablet, marshmallows, butter and confectioners sugar. They went quick!

Last weekend we went to Prescott for a night and on the way home we stopped at Pappadeaux for lunch. I-17 and Peoria. Image

This place has amazing seafood. I had crawfish bisque and a salad.

They make a dressing that has dijon mustard in it, I think it is their signature dressing, you must try it. Can’t wait to go back. Their menu is huge. Jack had some kind of gumbo with lots of seafood in it, and he was on cloud 9. There are little porticos/patios outside that are very private if you want some intimacy with your sweetie.

When Rob visited recently from South Carolina, we had breakfast at Essence one morning and were mesmerized by all of their goodies.


Gilles (I might not be spelling his name right) offered us each a free large macaroon (not pictured) and I gave mine to Rob, since we had already eaten (homemade granola for him with chocolate croissant and a chocolate croissant for me.) How can one go wrong with chocolate after all? He ate them both and said they were just heaven. Get yours at 38th St. and Indian School. If you are lucky you might meet the chef/baker, Eugenia. When I see her I say, “Yes, chef!”




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