Banking, shopping and eating local….and eating at home

24 Feb

I’m in love with the nice folks at Desert Schools. They have helped me these past three years get my financial house in order (albeit my small financial house). I was reminded of them today when I was using my new phone rest Jack gave me. Various lending institutions visit his workplace, being a dealership, and he gets free stuff ūüôā Mostly pens, magnets and occasionally something like this phone stand. Image

I’m pretty sure if you go open an account with these guys they will give you one. It is very useful for reading recipes (you need to read the whole recipe – more on that later) or watching jib jab animated cards you get from friends…

So speaking of reading the whole recipe, I made a fanny farmer blueberry recipe this weekend.


The muffins look beautiful yet I failed to read the bottom part of the recipe where it says “do not use both the regular flour and the pastry flour” yet the ingredient list had them both listed.

Meh. Anyways, we ate some of them, Jack took a few to work and I plan to do the same. Thankfully it won’t ruin my kitchen reputation as the last 3 batches of jello I took to work didn’t set properly. So expectations might be low. Image

Jack made a delicious pork roast yesterday (see my leftovers today above) and I helped with the details of chopping garlic and onion for the broccoli and roasted potatoes. He rubbed the roast with herbes de provence and mushroom flavored salt, olive oil, kosher salt and some other kind of fairy dust I’m not sure of.¬† He let it marinate for several hours and then browned it on all sides then popped in the oven to bake for 1 hour and 15 minutes. He then pulled the roast out to rest and cooked the juices with a little red wine so there was a jus. Just tender and delicious. You should make this roast. It was about two pounds so there are leftovers for me and Linda today and some for Jack’s lunch.

On Saturday I needed a feed so I headed over to our neighborhood Chinese place Little Shanghai. My aunt Char introduced me to them about 10 years ago, we would go together for dinner and she would treat me, which when I was younger and broker, it was very much appreciated. She likes their roast duck and shrimp in lobster sauce. My favorites are chicken lo mein and grandma’s salad, made with a mirin vinaigrette, cabbage and pork. This salad is so good, and you can enjoy it the next day. It just gets better with time. My lunch of choice on Saturday was chicken lo mein and samosas (new on their menu). And I have leftovers too for lunch tomorrow.


Speaking of meals, I had a great lunch with Linda at BBQ Co (near 40th St./Broadway) last week. A BLT for me and a crispy chicken salad for her. Get the Jr. salad when you go as they are enormous. My favorite is their cobb salad with saulsalito (spelling?) chicken. Very juicy bird. With bacon bits and their homemade honey mustard dressing. And you should also go because they have Fairytale Brownies for dessert and on their menu they have a sandwich called the big thang (smoked brisket sandwich).

You know you want to order that. At least just so you can say big thang.


Being a huge fan of foreign films (how do I Segway to that?) I was at Harkins Camelview 5 last week to see Gloria (a Chilean film) and I just loved it. The main actress, Paulina Garcia, is a force of nature. If you like foreigns, you should go and see this.


¬†After my movie I stopped at AJ’s Fine Foods to get some Spanish chorizo and La Brea Bread (does that sound snobby?) and I found these beautiful ranunculus, I could simply not resist buying them. A little pricy but a girl needs¬†something¬†pretty¬†once in awhile.





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