Local eats for the new year

24 Jan

I’ve been concentrating for awhile now on eating food that isn’t processed. (Hail Michael Pollan and Mark Bittman!)  To further this effort, I’m mostly eating local (except for the occasional pizza from the chain place down the street when I am broke – avoiding the $10 pizza seems impossible at times). When I say local, that means local restaurants and food Jack makes, and food I  make (rarely) that brings me pleasure that might just be fruit in a pretty bowl and a cup of constant comment tea. This is the bowl that Rob sent me for Christmas, along with a pretty apron and a fabulous sweater dress he claims is a swimsuit cover up.


Speaking of local, one of my favorite local places is Otro Cafe on 7th St. and Bethany. I recently friended them on facebook and I love their updates. They make the best looking open faced blt I have ever seen with thick cut bacon. Our server today (yes I was there just today) confirmed it is delicious. I have to try it soon. Today I was there with Dad having their dish called “Española” which is serrano jam that comes with delicious bread and is drizzled in some type of balsamic dressing and olives.Image

You have to get this. And also we had their shrimp ceviche that is super fresh and just out of this world. The sangria wasn’t bad either. 😉

Recently Jack made lamb ribs (I think the package said Lamb Riblets) two ways. He put them on the grill – marinated beforehand – and served them with grilled broccoli.Yes, I am very spoiled. The ribs were succulent and perfectly cooked. I never had broccoli on the grill before and I highly recommend you make it, or if you are lucky…have someone make it for you.


The same night he also made Puerto Rican arroz con pollo. This is a spectacular picture of him, I think.Image

I’m not sure what makes it Puerto Rican style but it has spam or those little sausages in the can (I forget what they are called) and usually green olives but this time he had some leftover kalamata olives from my trip to Frys on a recent Sunday when we needed football food (salami sandwiches and marinated vegetables…and beer). Often times he will also add pigeon peas (gandules) but he didn’t put in any this time. Mind you, he works all day and then chefs up a two course meal. Amazing!

Last weekend Jack made the lamb ribs a different way, in the crock pot.


He browned them and then put them in the crock pot with a jar of Ragu (we cheat sometimes) and let it simmer away on low for 3 hours, then added some orange bell peppers and onion. A beautiful thing emerged. We made some middle eastern rice with raisins and almonds – one of our favorites that comes in a box and I can’t remember the name but you can get it at Mekong Plaza shopping store or your local indian food shop. (Indian with a dot, not native american) haha.

I’m going to change the subject here. People keep telling me that I’m nice. I’m not sure about that, but I just feel like it’s important to give credit when credit is due. And I’m surrounded by a lot of people who help me and know more than me. Thankful for that! You know who you are.

Sooooooo, continuing with food now, Jack and I went to a little pizza place down the street this week, Little Chicago Pizza, for a Chicago style pizza. I thought this meant a thick crust, but this was what arrived.


And it was delicious. Go and get one of their pizzas. And wings. The bbq wings were great. And they have Blue Moon beer, and wine. 1645 N. Hayden Rd. http://www.littlechicagopizzashop.com

My brother, sis in law and their kiddos visited last weekend and we met them for lunch on Saturday at Goldman’s Deli. Took home some of their hamentachen, and they were just about the best I ever had.



And their sweet and sour cabbage soup went down surprisingly well for me, despite being quite sweet and sour. I like those things that hit my palate in several directions. That sounds snobby, but there you are. Chamoy does that for me too.

Last year I started doing a little work with the nice folks at On The Money, and the founder Ruth Urban took us to a sumptuous breakfast (her words, not mine) at at Dick’s Hideaway on 16th St. to celebrate our hard work in December (sorry I think that is a major run on sentence). I had the pancakes, which was not the most delicious looking thing on the menu, but I wasn’t sure what to order, since it was breakfast I wanted breakfast and I don’t eat eggs. They have a lot of egg dishes but they look amazing because they are covered in green chile and other things. I can’t wait to go back and try their happy hour. They have skewered things on the happy hour menu. I love shish kebab.

ResizedImage_1390538551457 (1)

Here is a picture of us all that day.  I think we look fabulous.


And they are affiliated with the folks across the street and I can’t remember the name of them. Oh, yeah. Richardson’s Cuisine. Check Please gave them a good review, so I guess I gotta get over there soon.

In the spirit of continuing to fill my hollow leg I started doing yoga at Madison Improvement Club on Sundays. Kicks my butt! 11:00 am is the beginner class. So if you come, you might see me doing some pose in a very silly way, probably being corrected by a nice and very patient yoga instructor.


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