Lunch and Christmas window shopping at Biltmore Fashion Park Union shops

17 Nov

Yesterday Dad and I went to see “Twelve Years a Slave” at the AMC Theatre at The Esplanade. This theatre has plushy seats, you can have booze while you watch a movie and eats too. Granted, the plushy comes at a cost – the morning show we went to was $10.50 but to be able to put your feet up in a leather chair and watch a movie this way I would say is a once in awhile indulgence that is totally worth it.


We decided against lunch at the theatre and waited until we could get across the street to Biltmore Fashion Park. A “kalamata” sandwich with salami was just what we needed, along with a Italian red-blended wine and local olive oil from the nice folks at Queen Creek Olive Mill. We finished with a frangelico and a pistachio cannoli for Dad and another glass of wine and an affogato for me. I never had tried one before and now I can see having this all the time.Image

The espresso and gelato combination is a happy experience.

After dessert you can then then walk a few steps to their retail shop for wine, soaps, olive oil, olives and bread. This is a great place to buy gifts for the foodie in your life.

One of my favorite shops at Union is White House Flowers. They just opened a new and bigger store with a Christmas theme right across from the Union Shops, right next to the AZ Humane Society Store. They have all kinds of gifts and decorating ideas. One of my favorite gifts there is “Root” candles, since they are made from beeswax. And if Mitchell has extra large fresh roses around that day, you might find yourself going home with a free one. And if you had a glass of wine or two at lunch, you might be compelled to put it behind your ear, or in your mouth (he didn’t so I didn’t but in the past he has and I have).

The other store I really like at Union is For The People, it is full of whimsy and things you probably don’t need, but that are very cute. Yesterday I found something that I don’t need but my nieces and nephew will probably like, it is a placemat that you color and then you can wipe it off and color it again. I’m pretty sure if I was their age I would have wanted this.Image

If you are a foodie it is almost impossible to go to Biltmore Fashon Park without stopping at Williams Sonoma. It is kitchen porn. Dad is pretty sure he needs a new espresso maker (Santa are you listening?).


Speaking of food, Jack has been away this week with his family since his Dad passed and when they get together, they really cook. Check this out. Puerto Rican red rice and pork butt.


And yesterday they did a “Thanksgiving” since all the family was there.


Jack said one of their family friends made pansit, it is a filipino noodle dish that is comfort food. I’m really glad that he has been able to spend this time with his family.

So, continuing, at the AZ Biltmore right now, they have a display of whimsical dresses designed by local folks. Here are a couple of my favorites.



Lastly, if you can’t splurge for a movie at the place with the plushy seats, you can see a free movie at Biltmore Fashion Park on Friday nights now through December 13 at 7:30 pm. When Harry Met Sally is next weekend. Here is the schedule.

I know I said lastly, but I just looked at the Biltmore events page again and Julia Baker Chocolates has a $10 happy hour special. How come nobody told me about this? For $10 you get a glass of wine/coffee and dessert. I am pretty sure I can feel a happy hour coming on next Friday before the movie.


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