Pizza giveaway

16 Nov

Its almost Thanksgiving which means it is a time for eating of mass quantities of turkey with family. Kosher turkey. The bird will come from Trader Joe’s and Jack will prepare it with no dairy as per kosher rules. The last two times he did the bird he stuffed it with oranges and herbs. The oranges probably came from the neighbor’s tree. I usually steal (*ahem* I mean appropriate) rosemary from the shrubs from the common area where I live. I figured since they raised my HOA fees by $75 dollars per month this year, I have full rights to the rosemary. And the grill. And the pool. There should be a bartender for what I pay but I haven’t brought that up to the property management company.


Allow me to add here that I’m going to be swimming a lot more next year. This year each swim cost me about $25. I mean, my place is nice, but it’s not the AZ Biltmore, so either I have a lot of pool parties to justify my HOA costs, or I just swim every night. Then you guys won’t be able to see me sideways.


I don’t keep kosher but my brother and his wife and kiddos are Jewish and they will be coming to stay at my place over the holidays. So its time to do some cleaning. Of the fridge and freezer that is.

The contraband:


These are a few of my favorite things:


I like pork, sausage, pepperoni and chorizo (AJ’s Fine Foods has Palacios chorizo from Spain). The pig and I get along very well. One of my favorite restaurants is actually called  Pig and Pickle.  Their happy hour is amazing. $5 appetizers and all kinds of craft beers. Shredded pork tostadas and vietnamese sandwiches. Craft beers. You understand. Their first anniversary party is Nov 30. And they aren’t paying me to say any of that. But, I would buy stock in the place. Or pay them to let me be their sous chef.

Recently I procured some pate* from Safeway that will make it over to Jack’s place before my brother and his family arrive. I just think its the right thing to do.

Here’s the list of what has to go: 4 pizzas (first come first served), pate, chorizo, sardines (I wasn’t sure on these but just to be safe they are coming with me). So when my family arrives there will be condiments like catsup and salad dressing but no sign of pig.  And 3 chocolate turkeys from See’s – see top shelf.


They are so cute. I hope they last until Thanksgiving for my nieces and nephews**.

The nice lady behind the counter assured me they have the circle K symbol on them so we are safe.

Happy Thanksgiving!

*Fresh & Easy on 40th St. & Camelback now has pate. I shook their tree and now they have it. Power to the people!

**I only have one nephew (Chrissy) who is so cute. Maybe I used the plural because a second one is on the way?? An auntie can only hope. 🙂


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