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23 May

Recently I have been enjoying Ethiopian coffee from Royal Coffee Bar at Union (24th St./Camelback  @ Biltmore Fashion Park). You can buy your beans there, whole or ground. They are conveniently located next to Trattoria del Piero, which is owned by the Queen Creek Olive Olive Oil Mill people. You can get a delicious sandwich there, or board, or bellini. You won’t have to discriminate.


Dad was telling me today that he purchased a french press recently. If you have ever tried French press coffee, you know it is special. You can get it at Pig and Pickle (pigandpickle.com) or at Tammy Coe Bakery on Central Ave. next to Federal Pizza. Dad and I enjoyed a brioche french toast and a french press coffee there recently after grindage of a pizza at Federal Pizza’s largesse (eclub membership gets you free things there). They have a pizza with arugula,  prosciutto, dates and some type of creamy white cheese. It is not your traditional pizza made with red sauce. But it is very tasty and the flavors go very well together.

Typically I like a traditional pizza with sausage or pepperoni. Or both. Lately I enjoy the pizzas at The Parlor and North. Dad and I were at North recently munching a pizza on the patio. I chose a house red wine, while he ordered a ducati… a drink made with blood orange flavor, tequila and grappa. A little strong, but very refreshing. He also found a car there that he liked.


I’m not sure what you call it, but he was ready to take it home, if the owner didn’t claim it after his (or her) dinner.

Jack has been cooking up all kinds of yummy things lately, despite being busy with all kinds of side work (air conditioning, battery changes, transmissions and other duties as assigned). I am thankful for this as my work schedule gets me home on European time. His latest creation is a roast he made last night in the slow cooker with a jar of spaghetti sauce, green olives, onions and green peppers (and magic fairy dust = the stuff he doesn’t tell me about). You must make this.

IMG_20130521_194448_701 (1)

I had mine over fetuccini noodles last night. He had his over jasmine rice. My brother had his (leftovers) over brown rice and my Mom (the most creative one of all of us in the kitchen) took the meat out and shredded it up on rye toast. Clever!

Jack made hot dogs for us last week (Hebrew National no less) and we shared a Red Stripe. Sometimes after a long day of work nothing tastes better than a dog and a brew.

IMG_20130516_195153_743 (1)

Or two…

After last payday (my chocolate binges always seem to come after paydays, fancy that…) I spent a spell at Julia Baker chocolates. Dad and I were due to run an 8K (thenightrun.org) the next day and I felt like celebrating.


I was feeling very cosmopolitan in this picture despite wearing jeans and my Celia Cruz (RIP) t-shirt.


Our run was a success, although Dad’s time was better than mine. I’m not sure how this happened… but it was sure fun running with one of my best friends. Dad has always been a motivating force in my life to stay healthy, along with my brother Mike, who gives me tips on diet and vitamins. And all things organic. There is hope yet (I think) for me.

Recently Dad was back in San Diego, visiting with my brother Ken and his kiddos. Chrissy, Rosie and Brianna. I can’t believe how big they are getting.


They will be passing up my brother soon, no doubt. (note Ken’s “super chingón” t-shirt from surropa.com courtesy of yours truly)

When Jack was away recently visiting his parents in Palm Beach, FL. I took the opportunity to buy myself some tulips from Fresh & Easy.


The last time my friend Rob had visited from Greenville, SC. he had left some for me, and I had forgotten how much I like flowers.

My sister Fran recently returned from a vacation in Cabo San Lucas. I am waiting to find out if what happens in Cabo says there. She told us she was staying at a resort called Me (or at least I think that is the one). http://www.melia.com/hotels/mexico/los-cabos/me-cabo/index.html?c3=145360017&gclid=CPet3ozGq7cCFYJi7AodqhoArg&c3=%3Cmpl/%3E

All I can say is…I think it’s time to start planning my next vacation. It looks like a super relaxing and beautiful place.

This weekend promises a cruise on the Desert Belle at Saguaro Lake and maybe a staycation at a local resort. I put in my vote for the Clarendon Hotel. So if you see someone who looks like me at Gallo Blanco this weekend with a sangria in both hands…it might be me! Looking forward to celebrating a long holiday weekend.


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