Rob’s herb garden, Trattoria del Piero visit #2, Jack’s sliders, a welcome food gift from Wanda, Jack’s visit to Florida, etc.

20 Apr

The kitchen wench has been busy eating a lot since I last posted.

Recently I spent a pleasant evening with Linda and Dad at Trattoria del Piero at Biltmore Fashion Park. On Thursday nights they do a bubbly and board which on our night included our choice of raspberry or peach champagne (we had both since we had two boards). There was live music by a nice young man who went to Arcadia High School…he took requests from my Dad and we professed our appreciation with a few seabreezes for our new friend and live entertainer. You must enjoy an eveningon the patio at Trattoria del Piero before it warms up. Our boards included 3 toasts with various salmon toppings and marinated olives. Linda also ordered a meatball sandwich which is very dainty but tasty and I had a kalamata sandwich that includes various salamis and balsamic dressing. I was quite taken with the flavored champagnes, which I had never tried. They were very fruity and not too effervescent. Beautiful weather, live music and $20 board and bottle…foodie overload happens here.

Wendy gifted me a box of fancy swiss cheese and ham croissants this week from the nice folks at Williams Sonoma. Apparently they have a gourmet foods department that I did not know about. The croissants arrived frozen, packed in dry ice.


They need to thaw and rise for 8-10 hours before baking, so we will probably put some of these out on the kitchen countertop tomorrow night, so we can bake them off on Sunday morning. Thank you, Wendy!

Last Friday I enjoyed Wendy’s company, along with Dad and my sis Fran at Pig and Pickle. It is my third time there now, so I should just buy stock already. You can order all of the happy hour appetizers for about $25 (there are 5 on the menu) and serve an army. And they make their own bread, pickles and charcuterie. The homemade drink list is stellar (there is a mai-tai in my near future) and the bartender even hopped over to Fresh and Easy to get mint for Dad’s mojito which they said is something they don’t make often. What service! And it is worth mentioning they make great french press coffee. I shared a pot with Dad, and didn’t even need milk in mine to enjoy it.

Jack made sliders last night on mini onion rolls from Karsh’s Bakery.


I was there buying rolls a few months back with my brother Mike. We couldn’t believe the selection of pastries, cookies, cakes and other Jewish approved goodies like mandel bread (think biscotti). They have day old goodies available for half price, which I tend to grab when I am there.

Also you can get their buns at AJ’s Fine Foods, which is good to know if you are in the mood for a gourmet burger or hot dog. Jack mentioned he had picked up a brisket yesterday so I will be going back to get some rolls for when he decides to make corned beef. Yummy yum. I have been told there will be potatoes and cabbage also. Whoohoo!

The kitchen had been dark the previous week because Jack was in Florida (West Palm Beach specifically) visiting his parents and his sibs.


His sister Apple flew out from San Francisco too, so it was a bit of a family reunion. They spent time in Miami, where Jack procured fresh coconut with straw no less from a street vendor.


Additionally, he brought me back a pretty pair of butterfly earrings and a bracelet with butterfly and ladybug charms. Very thoughtful! He also brought back fresh tamarind from his Mom’s tree which is drying now in the kitchen.


Needless to say, I am quite glad he is back home, and that he had a nice time on his trip. A dark kitchen does not a happy kitchen wench make.

News from Greenville, South Carolina:

Rob has been busy in the garden planting herbs.


I love the idea of being able to step outside and snip off what you need. He has a seriously green thumb!

This past week there was a Fiat traded in at Jack’s workplace. It is a grey Abarth model (the fancy one) that comes with turbo. Lookie lookie.


My personal mechanic gave it the once over and decided the turbo might be too much for the kitchen wench. So we wait until a regular 500 model comes in. But it is pretty easy on the eyes, no?

Dad called me today and invited me to Char’s for dinner (after I invited him to North for happy hour). She made baby back ribs with baked sweet potatoes (skin on) and marinated asparagus. I brought dessert. You can get these at Safeway for $2.98 in the bakery.


Word on the street is that the kitchen wench is interviewing to appear on a future episode of “Check Please!”

Wish me luck. Obviously there will be no lack of enthusiasm for food.


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