A few of my favorite things: fancy chocolates, special soda, the grape, nature, humor, kindness and thoughtfulness

23 Feb

I didn’t have any good dining experiences to tell you about tonight, so I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite things, some of which are in my fridge (lucky me).

Fancy chocolates. Procured at Walgreens, Safeway and Fry’s.


After all, the kitchen wench can’t afford to eat Julia Baker chocolates every day.

Special soda. Found at Fresh & Easy.



The orange version pictured, but these guys also make lemon, grapefruit and other versions I probably don’t know about. Not as sweet as Fanta. This goes well with prosecco (think half and half).

The grape.



Provided by next door neighbor.



Our cold weather this past week is inspiring me to plan a ski trip next month. Hopefully in Durango, Co.

Humor. Shown here by Jack.


He is so silly. If you can get a little silly in your life, I highly recommend it.

Kindness. My Mom made me a bean burrito today.


I invited her to Manuel’s and she said, “Honey, why don’t you just come over and eat lunch here?” Enough said.

Thoughtfulness. Catalina, my friend from work provided all of us ladies (and gents too) a rose for Valentine’s day.


Mine is still looking pretty spritely.







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