Sick and tired, tom yum gai soup from Thai Lahna, pastrami sandwich @ Chompie’s, breakfast fit for a President, new fish plants, bathroom envy at Federal Pizza and in Greenville, SC

24 Jan

The kitchen wench is sick and tired of being sick and tired (literally and figuratively). Yet, a vial of prednazone gives me hope. The crud is going around. My coworkers have it. The people at my bank and my Walgreens have it.

How to stay healthy?

The kitchen wench exercises (and even got a *weight maintenance award recently* from our disease prevention program at work), eats healthy, doesn’t drink too much, hydrates, all of the stuff you would expect a healthy person to be doing. Yet, I’m a sickie. Again. Ugh.

This year I promise to be more empathetic towards those who are ill. I’m hoping karma will help me out, here. In the past I have not been as empathetic as I could, somedays I considered certain people to be hyper (hypo?) what is that word when people get sick all the time (or they think they are). Anyways, now in my book, if you think you are sick, you are sick. And I hope you feel better soon.

One way you can feel better is to eat soup. Specifically this soup, Tom Yum Gai, from Thai Lahna. It has ginger,  lemongrass, chicken, bay, mushrooms and red Thai chili.


Have you ever had bathroom envy? (Sorry for lack of segue from theme to theme)

Last weekend my brother and I went to Federal Pizza with Linda (it was her big day this week and we wanted to celebrate early, because that is how the kitchen wench rolls) for a wonderful lunch.


You must go, not only because they have great pizza (I have yet to try the sandwiches and salads), but their decor is quite neat. Yes, neat. I’m stuck in the 70’s, people. One of their employees actually hand painted some stencils on the walls of the restaurant itself, and inside the bathroom too. Check it out.


The kitchen wench was told that said employee does this on the side, and her rates are reasonable. So if you want someone to paint cool designs on your walls, go down to Federal Pizza and seek out their artistic employee. Don’t forget to eat some pie. My favorite is the one with sausage, pepperoni, peppers, olives and onions. It feeds 2. Or one super hungry person.

Speaking of bathroom envy, you must see the new pictures my friend Rob sent over from Greenville.


He will be in town soon, by the way, and can look at your kitchen/bathroom/bedroom/living room/office or landscape issue and give you a bid. Just let me know who you are and I will let you know when he gets here. Doesn’t this make you want to redo your bathroom?

Wow and wow.

Speaking of water-related matters (better segue this time?), thanks to Linda, Jack’s fish are sporting some new live water plants.


The fish are very happy in their new environment. If they could only speak.

On Monday morning we watched our President be inagurated. Again. And Jack made me a breakfast fit for a President. Blueberry-banana pancakes. With bacon.


One of my fantasies is that we are at the White House and we get to meet the President, and have munchies or dinner with him and that he would have a conversation with Jack about his cooking and then he would hire him. But then I would only see him on weekends. Or I would have to move to DC. Jack is such a good cook, he would make all kinds of dishes to please different palates. Well, never say never.

The kitchen wench got a new haircut over the weekend (thank you Sonia at Magañas Beauty Salon on 32nd St./McDowell). It has approval from my gays (okay, my gay) – it is good to have reassurance.


Note the red nose from too much nose-blowing.

Last Sunday we got a huge pastrami sandwich from Chompie’s. You can totally share their sandwiches. But not the sides. 🙂 Cole slaw all for me.


Behind the sandwich is a margarita that Jack made for me in his Magic Bullet. An adult Slurpee, if you will.

We ate our sandwiches watching the football game, which the 49ers won. Jack is happy about this since he hails from San Francisco (during his formative years). So, a Superbowl party we will have. The menu is in the works. My suggestions were sangria, latkes, bbq chicken wings, bbq Korean ribs, potato salad, a green salad and Linda has proposed to make something with shrimp and cream cheese, which can’t be bad.

Let the best team win (that would be the 49ers)!


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