Getting more fish into your diet, Fairytale Brownies and immigration reform/new gun laws in NY

17 Jan

Recently Jack put up a new fish tank (our 3 betta fish died last year that were in smaller tanks – “RIP  Red, Green and Blue”) and it seemed to me that as soon as we acquired “new additions” that we stopped eating seafood. I mentioned this to him and asked maybe it was because we didn’t want to offend our newest family members. (see photo below).


I must have implanted a seed because he made some beautiful fried tilapia last night, along with some latkes. He used some ground almonds in the breading (along with magic fairy dust, the stuff he doesn’t tell me about) which gave the fish a nice crunch. You should make this fish.


The kitchen wench does enjoy the benefits of her relationship with a great cook. Leftovers!

Sometimes I get a craving for chocolate; this is unrelated to the fact that it will be Valentine’s Day soon, but it dawned on me that I should mention I recently stopped by Fairytale Brownies (just down the street from my work) and picked up a few. These are really good. All natural ingredients, no preservatives. And a local business!


You should get some for your sweetie, and for sure get one of two for yourself. My favorite is chocolate chip. But the toffee brownie, peanut butter and walnut brownies are almost as good.  Sometimes they have sales too. And they ship. Check out their website.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I didn’t eat any of the brownies I bought. I gifted them to people who have been kind to me, or I could tell they just needed a bit of chocolate. But remember, they are right down the street from my work, so I could technically go back and get more. Like, tomorrow.

Is anyone else out there very pleased at the new gun control laws that NY has enacted? They are pretty substantial. They include outlawing straw purchases, allowing only 7 round clips and requiring that doctors who feel their patients are unstable should let the state know, and that person’s gun(s) would be confiscated. There is other stuff but the kitchen wench can’t put it all here in this small post. Bottom line, it’s a pretty big deal. I know we wouldn’t pass this here in AZ, I mean, we are a state with “outlaws” and, er, “mavericks.” But it sets a precedence for other states which may help save more innocent lives.

We were talking about maybe going to the Barrett-Jackson car show this weekend. Every time I have seen a cool car this past couple of weeks I have been reminded that we should really go see all of the cool cars up for auction. Even if we would never aspire to own them. Here is a car that is kind of fun, it is for sale at a store near Jack’s apartment, I think it may be selling on consignment. It looks like a pretty sweet ride.


I would drive it. (surprised?)

Jack’s brother in law has a low rider (I can’t remember the make and model of the car) but it has hydraulics, and a sweet paint job. We have been promised a ride the next time we go to Hercules, CA.

All I can say now, is…”¡Orale, vato!” Yes, the kitchen wench is a bit of a chola at heart. Now I just need a makeup lesson for my eyebrows.

On a separate note, if you are interested in what our country is doing (or needs to do still) on immigration reform, you should read the My Turn column in this coming Monday’s AZ Republic. Word on the street is that it is being written by one of the AZ ACLU biggies (and contemporary of the kitchen wench), Roberto Reveles, who has a history of helping immigrants in AZ obtain US citizenship.


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