Federal Pizza, DeFalco’s Italian Deli and The French Bee

12 Jan

The Nice people at Federal Pizza (next to where the Humpty Dumpty used to be on Central Ave. just north of Missouri Ave) sent me a 2 for 1 lunch coupon this week, so I invited my Dad over there today so we could break bread, er…pizza. I was so impressed with the fresh ingredients on our pizzas and the crust. Wood fired, no less. You should go. And sign up for their e-club so you get these 2 for 1 offers. Also they are opening (the LGO people -in the restaurant that used to be Humpty Dumpty next door)  a Mexican Restaurant. We were told that they bought the building and it comes with a liquor license so there is promise of margaritas. Yes! Federal Pizza has just wine and beer, so if you want an after dinner drink you have to walk across the street (*gasp*) over to Windsor, where you can get an anisette, or the kitchen wench’s favorite, chartreuse green. Yes, I’m a drink snob too.

I was talking with the wine guy at Safeway tonight at 32nd St. and Camelback and he was schooling me with wines that go well with chocolate (ports, specifically). He was really well informed. We talked about Kosher wines, he told me that they go through a pasturization process before they can be considered Kosher. I told him I didn’t know that and he replied that he didn’t know how that would affect the taste. I replied that further research of these wines is clearly needed. Hands, er…mouth on research, that is. He agreed. I think Safeway is getting a bargain with this guy. I didn’t get his name but he is well dressed, a “youngie” and smooth on top. If you need wine advice, he would be a good one to go to. He is a bit of a traveler and likes to try wines at different places. I told him he needs to make sure he expenses these travels, if they are contributing to his job, educationally speaking and obviously if he can qualify them as work expenses. He felt he needed to have more of these types of work expenses and said that would mean more income would be required. I can totally relate.

Going back to Federal Pizza (sorry I digressed) – I had a pizza with sausage, pepperoni, peppers, onions and olives. Yes, lots of toppings. I don’t remember what this one was called, but Dad had the Cassanova pizza (I told him this was very appropriate) with goat cheese, some type of dried ham, dates, and finished with arugula on top. The arugula does something very nice to make the pizza like a salad and it goes well with the goat cheese. I thought I wouldn’t like this combination, but the goat cheese is very creamy, and the whole thing works. We also shared a berry cobbler (with ice cream from their sister store Churn) and it comes in it’s own little skillet. For $6, it is enough to share, a nice surprise. The pizzas are were $14 each, but with a 2 for 1 coupon, that made the bill a little easier to (ahem) swallow.

If you really like food, and you want to eat good food most of the time, something has to give. For me, it’s giving up the luxury of a newer car (payment and insurance would prohibit eating out experiences or at least minimize them), and probably some newer clothes. Thankfully my friend Jodi gifted me with some pretty outfits before she moved back to WA (she is a very smart dresser) and my friends Linda and Sherilee always keep me in mind when they see something my size they haven’t worn in awhile. The kitchen wench appreciates this so she may continue with dining experiences.

Then, there’s travel. I really want to do some travelling in the next couple of years. Specifically, I want to see Thailand this year with Jack, and in next spring I want to go back to Spain with Jack, my Dad and my sister Fran. And then there is the bucket list: Turkey, Greece, Germany (Oktoberfest and those Christmas kindelmarkets!), all of Mexico (I might not come back), Rio, Chile, Belize…the list is long, and growing. Whenever Jack and I watch the travel chanel, we seem to be adding another place to the list. Also there are a lot of documentaries we watch on Netflix and that shows us other places we might not want to visit, such as Myanmar, at least for now, specifically due to the lack of good medical care available to it’s people. But the food there looks really good. So, we might have to just get shots, and go with our luck.

Last night I was treated to dinner and wine with Fran and Dad at DeFalco’s Italian Deli. We enjoyed pasta with meatball, garlic bread, antipasto salad, green salad, and potato salad (I would call this type of salad an ensalada rusa if I was in Spain).  Fran is quite a looker. I have some of the same genes so there is hope for me too.


They have a great wine (by the glass/bottle) and beer selection. Go. Now.

I was walking by The French Bee tonight on my way to Safeway via the Gelato Spot. They are having a 20% off sale now through Jan. 15. I am quite taken with these flowers and feel like I need a wall of them to bring the living room together. At $88.00/each (includes 20% discount) I’m pretty sure I can just afford one, though. Unless I want to eat ramen noodles for a month.


Decisions, decisions…


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