Thai a knot salad at Madison Improvement Club, fried rice with pineapple and a whole fish with sweet and sour sauce at Thai Lahna, raspados from Tropical Snowflake and fish tacos with a shrimp cocktail at Mariscos Acapulco

15 Dec

Does anyone else think there is a whole lot of nonsense going on in Michigan? I mean, what’s up with breaking up the unions?

Some would argue (the kitchen wench included) that it’s about destroying people’s standards of living and taking away employees rights to bargain.


Moving onto food. It seems like a less controversial topic.

Last week I was convalescing with a tummy issue and I needed a substantial and healthy feed so I headed over to my friends at Madison Improvement Club. They make a yummy Thai noodle salad called Thai a knot. I really enjoyed it. The oriental dressing coats the rice noodles, chicken, cabbage and other veggies perfectly. An enormous amount of noodles, which I like. There is really enough for two.


But I ate it all by myself.

Surprise, surprise.


Last weekend we went to Mariscos Acapulco (near me at 32nd St. and Thomas) for a Mexican-style seafood lunch. This place does not look like much on the outside, but inside it is tidy, and the menu boasts many different types of seafood (whole fried fish, veracruz style fish, 7 mares soup, oysters on the halfshell, tacos and other entrees). They also have various Mexican beers, which the kitchen wench approves of. Alas, we needed to be productive so we chose instead an horchata (for Jack) and a jamaica for me – one of the best jamaicas I have ever tried. Not too sweet and very refreshing. We decided to split an order of fish tacos (3 to an order with beans and rice) and a shrimp cocktail. Portions are enormous, so come hungry. We enjoyed everything, although they were out of the whole tilapia (my original choice) but the tacos were so good that the tilapia wasn’t missed too much. We can order one next time since we will be back. While we dined, a group of mariachis came in and sang romantic tunes. It made lunch very festive, and for a moment we felt that we were back in Rocky Point.

Did you put your tree up yet? I have what Bob Ross would call a “happy little tree.”


I grabbed one of those rosemary trees from Fresh and Easy. It smells really good and I liked the idea that we could use it after Christmas. I was talking to my Mom this week and told her I might do a “clandestine tree planting” after the holidays. I suspect it would be against HOA rules, and I would look like a that animal in Ice Age – what is it – a lemur? No…a “saber-toothed” squirrel…kind of skiddish, looking around every which way while the digging and planting was taking place… but then the rosemary would be a “common area” for all to enjoy – so who would complain?

Last weekend we also went to Tropical Snowflake (after a trip to the junkyard so Jack could buy Hundai parts) and I was able to have my favorite – a chamoyada, and Jack chose a strawberry raspado with ice cream and lechera on top.


I think he’s been converted. Also in the picture is a tamarind apple that someone with great detail wrapped up with a little container of chamoy and a gummy worm. That was my breakfast on Sunday.

I know, there’s very little willpower over here.

Tonight we were planning on going over to Thai Lahna.  Jack then called and said he was too tired, a job had gone late and he was going to have leftovers. So it looked like frozen pizza for the kitchen wench.

Which is not all too unusual.

However, he got a second wind and did make it over to my side of town so we did go over for Thai food. We had pineapple fried rice with chicken and shrimp, beef salad and a whole fried fish in a sweet and sour sauce with vegetables. This was such a pretty dish, I really should have taken a picture. But sometimes you know, I just want to enjoy the moment with my special guy, and not be such a food geek.

On Sunday, I will be making cookies  for my mates at work – chocolate chip and a new recipe that includes macadamia nuts and candied ginger. It should keep me in everyone’s good graces, until 2013, at least.

Merry Christmas!


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