Citrus stuffed turkey with all of the trimmings, that came with a good luck “sign”

24 Nov

Jack outdid himself this year. He made a beautiful, juicy, 21 pound, kosher turkey, stuffed with oranges, lemon-oranges, sliced garlic bulbs and rubbed with magic fairy dust. Not really magic, people…just olive oil, garlic salt, kosher salt, cracked pepper and rosemary that had been been procured from my aunt Char’s garden, then dried.

He is a little goofy, too. He was playing with the bird before it went in the oven.

For the record, if you can get a little goofy in your life, I highly recommend it.

My brother Ken made a creative dressing with couscous (not the instant kind), rye bread, beer, shandy (he does enjoy his deglazing methods), apples and raisins.  You must make this dressing, people. Lots of good flavors and textures.

Obviously, this is not Ken’s dressing, but provisions I procured yesterday for a future white russian party. Probably it will be next weekend, and will include a brisket, or pork butt…prepared in Jack’s little rotisserie oven (this thing is genius, people) which could also be cooking a couple of cornish game hens. I mean, one must be flexible at white russian parties.

Also yesterday I made some chocolate chip cookies.

Jack took a bag of these to work and said, “Man, those are deadly.”

I took that as a compliment.


Continuing with Thanksgiving day dinner, here are the pies. My Mom and brother Mike made traditional pumpkin pies (with organic pumpkin no less as Mike aspires all of us to live until we are 107 years old). My Mom is the crust-master. She always makes a very flaky crust.

Ken and his wife Tosha procured delicious apple pies from Kosherlandia, I’m not sure where this is, but it is somewhere in California, and they were delicious. Yummy yum.

Finally, here is Ken’s dressing, as promised.

If you make it, you will think you died and went to Morocco, on Thanksgiving day.

Our family is lucky to have a lot of good cookers.

This year, Thanksgiving day came with a very good sign.

A cricket.

He appeared in Jack’s kitchen (or living room, we are not sure since we haven’t located him yet) and started chirping the night before Thanksgiving, around 3:00 am. So if we looked a little tired when we arrived at Mom’s on Thanksgiving day, complete with beautiful bird (and green beans that Jack made with roasted garlic/slivered almonds), it’s not because we had eye openers for breakfast.

It was that darn cricket.

But, if luck had anything to do with it, he helped produce a beautiful bird.

Thank you Carlos Castaneda.


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