Waffles at U.S. Egg and Overeasy and salads at Madison Improvement Club

18 Nov

U.S. Egg is one of my favorite places to go for breakfast, along with Overeasy, Saddle Ranch Chop House, Olive and Ivy, Herb Box and Breakfast Club.

Obviously, the kitchen wench is not going hungry anytime soon.

Today Jack and I went over to U.S. Egg; he really enjoys an old-fashioned American breakfast with eggs, hash browns, bacon and an English muffin. I usually order the protein waffle (you have got to try this – it has granola and cinnamon in it) but today I was tempted by a seasonal offering – a pumpkin waffle. It was so delicious, you should go and get one.  I also want to go back for lunch. They have a fish sandwich on the menu, and they serve Kiltlifter, need I say more?

Recently I became a year older (and hopefully a year wiser?) – and that warranted a feed at Overeasy with my Dad and my brother Mike. Dad and Mike both ordered french toast, and I had a malt waffle with strawberries. The kitchen wench has overheard that Overeasy is opening new locations, so you know it is a good thing. They also do a chicken and waffle, which is not a bad thing.

Linda gifted me with a beautiful tres leches cake from Phoenix Ranch Market bakery. They do wonderful cakes.

And, my brother Mike gifted me with Ghirardelli’s chocolate squares.

He knows me so well. And my Dad gave me a book – What’s the Matter with Kansas? (we both enjoy politics) and $, which always comes in handy. My partner in crime and mainsqueeze Jack took me to Salt Cellar for happy hour where I had my first Manhattan (I might have had two?) and we shared turtle soup – which tastes like beef stew, fish and chips, oysters and a giant prawn cocktail.  – Yummy yum. And my friend Rob sent me a beautiful chenille throw all the way from South Carolina. That is friendship, people. Now my bed looks really pretty.


There was an airstream parked in front of Delux at 32nd St. and Camelback last Friday. I had to take a picture. I think Jack and I need one of these when we retire. I was nearby at Gelato Spot because I had just gotten their text message mentioning they are now making mocha peppermint gelato. I know. How good does that sound? So I went right over. But it was not ready yet. Hopefully next week, I was told.

With all of these treats that have come my way recently, I needed to do something healthy. I mean, exercise alone does not cut it, right? Dad and I went over to Madison Improvement Club for lunch on Friday, they have beautiful salads with chicken, white beans, arugula and grapes, with a citrus-y vinaigrette. You can tell  how much we liked our salads by our wide smiles.

And the sandwiches and smoothies look pretty good too. I was feeling a little tired yesterday, like my body needed something healthy, so I actually went back over there for the same salad – I think it is called the Newton – or is it the Calvin? They also have fresh squeezed juices, I tried the bapple keets (beets and apple juice) yesterday and I felt better almost instantly. Madison Improvement Club is also a gym, you can do yoga and spin classes – neither of which I have ever explored. Your first class is free, I think I will check it out. They also have a happy hour for smoothies from 2:30-4:00 and you get $2.00 off. Not a bad deal.

Did I mention they are getting…a liquor license? Yes, word on the street is sometime around the holidays they will be serving bloody marys. I mentioned to the chef that I would also vote for mimosas, hopefully they will appear as well.



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