Halloween inspiration, grilled bbq pork ribs and Kabuki

29 Oct

I am thankful to be surrounded by creative people this time of year. I mean, at Halloween, that is pretty important. Lookie lookie what my co-workers have done with decorating our section.


Specifically, Linda is very creative, she did the spider webs.  Theresa brought in the headstones, which look cool. And Nick is great because, well… he is tall and was able to help with hanging stuff from the ceiling. Neat,yes?

If you need costume inspiration, you must see this.  Rob sent some pictures from his Halloween party this weekend. He spent some time with…



Rob is not too bad on the peepers, and he wears a police uniform quite well, I think.

I didn’t post the other pictures because they were more (ahem) adult themed.

Yesterday morning Jack and I walked down to Tempe Town Lake for the SAARC Autism event. Check our our booty. I can’t believe we scored a whole bag of whole bean (that’s a lot of whole) from the Volcano Red Coffee people. Whoohoo!

We also grilled bbq pork ribs yesterday afternoon. Jack marinated them first in a Meditteranean spice blend, olive oil, salt and pepper. And we pilfered fresh figs from Barbara’s garden. Leftovers for today’s lunch:

Recently we have been to Kabuki (AZ Mills Mall) for dinner and then again for happy hour. Happy hour is a great savings, they have a CA roll for about 4 bucks (6 pieces), Sapporo beer on draft for $1.99 (I know, that is almost free) and sake for $1.99.  At dinner we had veggie and shrimp tempura (very light breading) and teriyaki chicken with Korean ribs. Yum yum. You should be checking this place out.

My Mom scored a new oven recently.


It is from Home Depot. My brother noticed it was on sale (about a $70 savings) so he recommended they get it now.

Just in time for Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, we were at Chompie’s for breakfast this weekend and noticed they do complete turkey meals for $119.00. And that includes some sides and a pie. Not bad, if you don’t want to do it yourself.



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