Croissant from Au Petit Four, breakfast at Saddle Ranch Chop House, light dinner at Cadillac Ranch and roasted cornish game hen chez Jack

15 Oct

We just finished one of those weekends that was very relaxing… filled with food, movies and rest. I really needed it.

On Friday night we had a light dinner at Cadillac Ranch in Tempe. Jack wasn’t too hungry and I was just really feeling like bar food and a couple of beers. We shared a french dip which came on a tasty roll that did not fall apart when dipped in the jus. The meat was lean and well done. My Kiltlifters (2 count ’em) arrived icy cold just as the doctor had prescribed. They do happy hour, so we will probably go back. It is a little loud, but has a pretty cool vibe. Lots of TVs for sports fans and there is a mechanical bull for the daring and athletic.

It was great to just lounge on Saturday. Jack fried up some egg rolls and I made a fruit salad with pear, orange and watermelon.

Those personal watermelons are so sweet.  And Jack has a lot of retro colorful tupperware that is fun for serving (and practical for storage).

Later in the day we went back to Tempe Marketplace and saw Argo and Taken 2. I recommend you see both of these. It had been long time since we had seen a double feature (Jack’s idea) with popcorn and root beer.

Sometimes you just want to try a new place for breakfast. We were in Old Town Scottsdale yesterday and happened upon a place that looked pretty good (a neighborhood place). We ducked in but couldn’t get served…so we took a walk a few blocks away and happened upon Saddle Ranch Chop House. Jack found an old fashioned American breakfast to his liking (eggs, hash browns, bacon), along with a tequila sunrise…and I ordered the oatmeal with berries, raisins, brown sugar and milk. And a bloody mary (x2), since my eye really needed to be opened.

The nice server gifted us with a free cotton candy before we left. It is was so big. A little obscene, really. You be the judge.


We have been wanting to see the new Snow White movie and we were happy to see it available at Redbox yesterday. Then all we needed was to plan dinner. Jack thawed out a cornish game hen, and marinated it with orange juice, salt, pepper, garlic pepper and olive oil, and into the rotisserie it went. This appliance is genius! It doesn’t heat up your entire kitchen as a traditional oven would, and your bird (or brisket, or corned beef, or rabbit, what have you) get nice and browned, and stays very juicy.

Jack also grilled some shrimp skewers and made black beans and rice with stir fried cabbage.

Dinner and a movie was served. And yes the Snow White movie was really good. Charlize Theron, who is one of my favorite actresses, nailed the part of the wicked queen (and Chris Hemsworth is not too shabby on the eyes).

Yesterday after breakfast at Saddle Ranch Chop House, while we walked back to the car, we happened upon a french bakery called Au Petit Four. They have homemade chocolate croissants (see today’s breakfast below). We will be going back there for breakfast and lunch. I spied a duck salad (with warm potatoes) on the lunch menu along with sandwiches made on french baguette. Yes, yes… this place is right up my alley. I mean, oui, oui…


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