Salt Cellar happy hour, slow cooked brisket with veg, Pita Jungle chicken curry salad, carrot cupcakes from Gigi’s cupcakes and *fresh* figs from Fresh & Easy

6 Oct

My friend Rob from S. Carolina inspired us to visit the Salt Cellar for happy hour last night, by sending this picture of his dinner from Red Lobster.

It was a 2 pound lobster. I mean, Rob is a high roller.

I aspire to be a high roller. In the meantime, there is happy hour.

The Salt Cellar is a great place to imbibe draft beers, and nourish ones self with New England clam chowder, oysters on the half shell and fish and chips.

He is a photogenic guy, no?

I digress. At Salt Cellar they also have a bread basket with whipped butter that we both really enjoyed.

Jack is not so much a bread person, rather he prefers rice…but he remarked how much he liked their sourdough. He spent a lot of his formative years in San Francisco, so you know the man knows his sourdough bread. Also, their New England clam chowder is more soupy than thick, and Jack appreciated that too. I mowed through the fish and chips, which were cooked perfectly. The chips are sweet potato waffle chips, not fries as I had expected, and that was a nice surprise. We asked our waitress about a seasonal item they make, softshell crab (I had it there about a zillion years ago) and unfortunately it is no longer in season.


We are always planning our next meal, which is what we did at happy hour. We want to go back and try their regular dinner menu (when one of us has a really good month at work, as entrees are pricy).   They make a spicy shrimp with San Remo sauce over pasta that sounds delicious.  I also want to try their shrimp scampi and I suspect Jack would appreciate a large lobster with a grilled filet mignon.

Earlier in the week, Jack slow cooked a brisket with carrots, a mix of mini potatoes (white, purple and red), onion and brussel sprouts. It was so homey and felt like a hearty winter meal.  As our mornings cool off, we are starting to think of different types of cooking. Over the summer we have been eating mostly stir fries with lots of veggies and Italian food (Jack makes a wonderful spaghetti sauce) . The new issue of Home Cooking (or is that Cooking at Home?) just arrived with lots of Thanksgiving and fall-type recipes. Some yummy looking refrigerator and bar cookies. Apricot pinwheels, anyone?

Yesterday for lunch I met my brother Mike at Pita Jungle. We shared a hummus with chicken and ordered separate entrees: falafel pita for Mike (one of my favorites) and a chicken curry salad for me. This is an enormous and healthy salad.

Brown rice, chicken breast pieces in a mayo/curry/lemon(?) dressing, romaine lettuce, carrots, golden raisins (I love these) and fried pita bread “strips”. This salad feels very healthy. And a lot left over for today’s lunch. It is on their special seasonal menu, so I recommend you go and try it now, while it is still around.

We usually make a stop at Fresh and Easy when my bro and I hang out, right now they have fresh figs. Lookie lookie.

They are $4.99 to that comes out to .55 each. I know, a little pricy. But you don’t buy them all the time.

Figs are great just on their own, or you could put a diced one in your couscous or in pancakes. Or…quickbread?

The other stop we made yesterday was next door to Fresh & Easy, at Gigi’s Cupcakes. Yes, it is a chain (I think I mentioned this in the last post) but people, they make a very tasty carrot cupcake. The icing is a bit much (can you say sky high?) and very creamy. The cake is moist with raisins and big pieces of walnuts. We will be going back.

Today I made a dash into AJ’s Fine Foods for jumbo croissants. I’m thinking we will stay in tomorrow and relax, since we both worked today.  It is good to have provisions for hunkering down at home.


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