It’s grilling time, Gigi’s cupcakes, Arcadia Tavern and dim sum

1 Oct

Jack prepared a wonderful feast for us (my Mom, Dad, brother Mike and Barbara) yesterday: grilled chicken with a jamaican spice rub and baby back ribs with a dry rub. Yum yum.

He also made white rice, black beans with ham hocks and yours truly contributed dessert (not pictured), fruit salad with Mexican papaya, red grapes and watermelon.

Leftovers destined for the kitchen wench’s lunch today. Whoohoo!

On Saturday we went to Mekong Palace for dim sum, it is our favorite place for Chinese food.

Bbq ribs, chow fun noodles, “rolled” noodles filled with pork, Chinese broccoli and roast duck.  We needed a wheel barrow to get out of there.

I love love the little carts. I remember my first dim sum with my aunt Char, at China Doll. I was mesmerized by all of the little unknown treats on carts. To have rediscovered this joy as an adult, with someone else who really enjoys it as I do, is a bonus.

Earlier in the week I picked up a pizza at Arcadia Tavern. The Arcadia Pizza. You must go and get one.

It has (wait for it)….


I was introduced to this pizza a couple of years back by a friend who lived in Arcadia. I hadn’t been back for awhile and was glad to see nothing has changed. It is a very satisfying pizza. Big flavors. I only needed to eat 4 slices (they are small slices) to get my fill. The rest went into the freezer for later this week.

Yup, the kitchen wench is frugal.

On Friday (payday) I went over to Gelato Spot (surprised?) for a chocolate confuso shake.

This flavor has pistachios and hazelnuts mixed in with chocolate, so when you eat it you are a little confused about the flavor (which nut am I eating?), hence the “confuso” part. The owner was there, whom I had never met. A friendly guy, who is also fond of gelato in shake form. He said, after making my shake, “I’m going to have one of these later today.” I couldn’t help but highly recommend it. He was also telling me that gelato has a lot less fat than ice cream and that my shake only had a couple hundred calories. I wasn’t sure if I should believe that last part, but it made me want to order another. Maybe that’s why I’m maintaining my girlish figure? (That and the eliptical machine at the gym)

Down the street from Gelato Spot is a new place, Gigi’s Cupcakes. Now, this place is a chain (they are in TN, SC, AL, GA, CO, KY, IN, MN, MI and the list continues), which makes me skeptical, since the kitchen wench prefers local… but I tried a sample of strawberry shortcake, and I have to say, I’ll be ducking my nose in this place, and soon. Especially looking forward to trying the chocolate salted caramel, carrot cake, chocolate hazelnut, mochachino, Texas milk chocoolate and sweet potato pie versions. They also have mini cupcakes by the dozen and cheesecakes. There are so many varietities to choose from, and they have a menu of what they serve daily.

You can bet I got my copy.

40th St./Camelback next to Fresh & Easy


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