What do you do when you find a bug in your fried rice?

22 Sep

My lunch companion and I were craving chinese today, so we headed for The Prime, since it is in his neighborhood. Sadly, it was closed for lunch. So, we opted for a place nearby, where we enjoyed beef with pea pods, sweet and sour chicken, egg rolls, bbq pork slices and vegetable fried rice.

All was great, until my guest spied a bug in his rice – a cockroach. The idea of a cockroach in my food is not appetizing at all.

So, what’s a patron to do when this happens? We let one of the nice ladies at the restaurant know, pointing to the bug in question. She said she was very sorry. She took it away. When we told her we didn’t  want to box up the leftovers. Her reply, “but this was hot”… as if any of the other food couldn’t have been affected. I mean, where there is one cockroach, there may be others.

The food we had planned to take home was left at the restaurant, along with a to-go order for a third party. And there was no offer to comp any of our bill. I added 15% tip, paid the bill and we left .

Should we have done something differently?

The food was tasty, and I would go back if it wasn’t for this experience.

This Central Phoenix restaurant has been in business almost as long as I have been on the planet, so you know their reputation must be good. The prices are reasonable (we ate for $30: three entrees, two egg rolls and were planning to take 2 egg rolls to someone else, along with another order of fried rice). Their menu is ample and there are a lot of fish swimming in tanks in their restaurant, which initially gave me a great feel when I walked in the place, since I enjoy ordering a whole fish.

Any feedback you have here is appreciated.


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