Good to be home for reasons including Pita Jungle, Sahara, Bosa Donuts, Yardhouse and that Chinese restaurant right across the way from DeFalco’s

22 Sep

It is good to be home. I mean, we had a great time in Cancun. But I missed pita bread, big green salads, hummus and Chinese food.

The first thing we did when we got home was go to Sahara. Shared a hummus. Lamb shank with rice for Jack and chicken tikka with rice for me. I just love their salad. It is super fresh with lots of romaine lettuce. What is in that dressing, anyways? I am thinking lemon, yogurt, salt, pepper and what else? The server told us it is a secret, they won’t tell her when she asks about the ingredients. They should just bottle it, already.


Unrelated to food, my friend Rob was in Spartanburg, SC today for the Gay Pride Parade. I had to share this picture with you. He got quite a bit of attention from some fabulous ladies.

I love the boa.


The day after we got home I met my Dad and brother Mike for lunch at Pita Jungle. I mean, their hummus is great (I must have been in hummus withdrawl), Mike enjoyed the black bean burger, we shared a Meditteranean Platter (with hummus, tzatziki, grape leaves with rice) and I went for a falafel pita. Their falafel is so satisfying.

Jack made lamb sliders and kebabs for us last Saturday.

He put some kind of bbq sauce on them (spiked with magic fairy dust) and we ate them on King’s Hawaiian rolls (and Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat beer).

Yummy yum.

A trip to Bosa Donuts was required since we had a potluck at work this week. That is my hard and fast contribution – 2 dozen Bosa donuts. Nobody complains about my lack of creativity.  Especially since it’s been determined I’m unable to make jello.

Also, this week we went to that Chinese restaurant that is right across the way from DeFalco’s in Scottsdale. I don’t know the name of the place. Their beef chow fun is one of those comfort foods, that was just right for me. Jack had some kind of soup with Thai meatballs, noodles and veggies. He uses a lot of Sriracha in his soup, so it turns from almost a clear broth into a red broth. I tease him that it’s going to keep away the vampires. Along with the fried garlic that they put on top of the soup as a condiment.

Last night we went to Yard House in Scottsdale for Happy Hour. Pastrami sliders, yards (plural) of onion rings, lettuce wraps, calamari and buffalo wings. Obscene, I know. And Hefeweisen.

So good to be home!


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