Cooking inspiration via S. Carolina and a late summer vacation includes…cuisine from Cancun

8 Sep

Sometimes we live vicariously through others when our creative juices don’t seem to be flowing…my friend Rob in S. Carolina has been cooking up a storm since July, making me think that I need to get back in the kitchen, and soon! It has been a long, hot summer and that has left the kitchen wench uninspired to bake and cook. But summer is on the way out and SRP will soon be liking us a lot less.

Yes, yes!

As most folks have taken their summer vacations already, it can be a bargain to go to Mexico right now. Specifically, Cancun. The kitchen wench is heading there soon.

I hope to be dining on something like this fish below in the near future.

According to, here is what I can be expecting to eat there.

“Mexican traditional food in Cancun is distinguished by the exquisite flavors of traditional Mayan cooking. This cooking style artfully combines delicious grains and beans with chicken, pork, or rabbit, creating dishes that satisfy the most demanding palates.

Tasting the great variety of food Cancun offers is just another way to enjoy this tourist destination, with more than 500 restaurants offering a wide range of national as well as international dishes.

As a beach destination, many of Cancun’s most famous restaurants specialize in mussels, fish, and other dishes based on fresh seafood.

Visitors in search of traditional cuisine should not miss tasting delicious Tikinxic (fish prepared Mayan barbecue style), cazón (shark) bread, or delicious shrimp. And these are just a few of the typical dishes from this region.”

Oh, my.

Last month Saveur Magazine did a whole issue dedicated to the flavors of Mexico. I think Jack got bit by the bug because right after that he was talking about a Mexican Rivera cruise (since neither of us have cruised before) and then some time passed, internet research was done and our destination was decided to be Cancun. I like that we were inspired by food to take this trip.

Speaking of being inspired by food, here is one of Rob’s latest creative meals.

He is also sporting the ASU shorts I sent him recently.

Let me remind you that he will be visiting Phoenix area soon, so if you are in need of painting, kitchen/bathroom work, flooring or remodeling in general, let me know… and I will have him get with you for a bid.

He also made calzones recently.

I will try to get the recipe from him and add it to this post.

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to our assistant manager at work, he apparently is a big fan of PB and chocolate as the kitchen wench is. Well, it turns out The Gelato Spot will make you a PB and chocolate gelato shake if you ask (nicely).

You’re going to say, well…how do you preserve that girlish figure, oh Kitchen Wench?

A lentil fetoosh salad from Pita Jungle helps to do that.

Therefore, we can have more…

Mint chocolate chip gelato shakes (highly recommended).


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