Independent voting woes, lamb sliders & lamb steaks

27 Aug

I got a funny looking early ballot in the mail a week or so ago and dismissed it, because it didn’t look right (it turns out it was a sample ballot). I told my aunt and she said, ” you know, you ought to call the elections department and make sure you got the right one.” So I did, albeit a week later. I wasn’t able to get through to anyone down there at 4:00 last Friday, though (maybe they work a 4/10 schedule in the summer). But yesterday (on a Sunday no less) Yvonne with Maricopa County voter outreach called me back and said since I’m an independent voter the county is no longer sending early ballots to me – and others who haven’t declared a party. So she said what I need to do is to go to my polling place on Tuesday, ask for a provisional ballot (here’s hoping it is counted) and then call the county elections department and let them know what party I want to belong to so I can keep getting early voting (by mail) ballots. But she did say that I would keep getting a general election ballot by mail, but not the primary. Geez, louise.

I was thinking I should pull a scene out from a Blazing Saddles on election day when I get to my polling place, “Excuse me for a moment while I whip this out” (saying this while I take out my voter registration card and picture ID). But I’m not sure it would translate. I might still do it anyways.

Jack made lamb sliders on Friday, we did a happy hour at home. The ground lamb came from Spouts and he grilled the little patties on our square cast-iron grill pan. We enjoyed them with Beaver brand mustard (with horseradish) from Fry’s (this is the same mustard Delux Burger uses) on little King’s Hawaiian rolls. And Jack grilled some onion slices. They were the perfect happy hour food with a Summer Shandy from Leinenkugels.

Yesterday we stayed in and watched The Dictator (Sasha Baron Cohen). Jack was skeptical but we both agreed it was pretty funny. You can get it at Netflix now. The best $1.30 we ever spent. Before the movie we dined on lamb steaks, white rice, stir fried cabbage with red peppers and green lentils.

The lentils were given to us by my brother Mike, who is into all things healthy, and inspires us to do the same. I simmered the lentils in a small pan with 2-3″ water for about 30 minutes (after they came to a boil), then added some sauteed onions in olive oil with Spanish paprika and cooked them another 15 minutes and then added 3/4 teaspoon kosher salt.

Since it was Sunday… and we could take it easy, we also made some white russians. Ironically this was our first alcoholic beverage, for both of us. Mine was at JJ’s Cantina in Rocky Point some years (*ahem*) back and his was at Yosemite National Park when he worked there as a teenager. When he worked there, back in the day… they had white russian parties, margarita parties, etc. There might have been a bit more booze flowing in the park those days.
Jack uses 1 full shot glass each of vodka and Kahlua over a small glass (6 oz?) filled to the brim with ice, then fills that up with half and half.
I should stick with Heavens.
(thank you Walter Mattheau)

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