Lunch(es) at Bluewater Grille and Delux Burger

18 Aug

My aunt Char and I went to lunch yesterday. It was my shout since she had taken me out for dinner recently.  She chose Bluewater Grill on 16th St. and Camelback (next to Total Wine). You guys remember this place. It used to be called The Fish Market; it is where I tried my first California Roll and drank a split of champagne on the same visit. Was I in my twenties? I think so. They are a bit of a blur now.

Bluewater Grill is churning out great meals, nevermind the name change. Char ordered fish and chips which come with two sides, she chose orzo pasta salad and coleslaw, which she enjoyed very much (she mentioned when she was finished she hadn’t offered me any, that is how much she liked her lunch). I chose the seafood louie salad, one of my favorite salads. Bluewater Grill’s version has chopped tomato which makes me think of a chop salad, along with field greens, quartered boiled egg, avocado slices, cucumber slices, bay shrimp and rock crab. I order the Italian dressing instead of the louie dressing. This is the perfect summer salad. Fresh and light. I went for the regular (larger) version since I am really into rabbit food, they also have a lunch version which daintier diners might enjoy (I am guessing it is smaller since it costs less and comes with soup).

Today Jack and I had some respective work to do in the morning and we decided to treat ourselves to lunch at Delux. They make a really good burger and hot dog. The dog has a crisp casing and is quite large (we shared). The burger was cooked medium rare, to Jack’s liking and is served on a beautiful roll (like the ones that your brisket sandwiches come on from Miracle Mile). Their hot dog comes with like nine condiments, all in little dressing cups. We especially enjoyed the spicy mustard with horseradish, I think it is called Spicy Beaver or something like that. We will be looking for it.

Delux also has microbrews, shakes/malts and root beer floats. We didn’t have room for any this go around, but I suspect we will be back.

Ever since I read The China Study my diet has been healthier; I have been partaking of more whole grains, and less sugar. But sometimes the sweet tooth gives in. Yesterday I enjoyed a mint chocolate chip shake from Gelato Spot. You should go and get yours today.

No, I don’t own any stock in them (yet).


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