What’s for breakfast (x2), dinner chez Jack and basement renovations

16 Aug

Breakfast is very important to me, that is why yesterday I went over to Grande Orange and bought a loaf of whole wheat bread with sunflower seeds. Toast this bread, and eat it with fig jam. You will like it.

One of the reasons breakfast is important is for energy, of course. Especially if you are renovating a basement. Like this one my friend Rob is starting on today.

Okay, this isn’t Rob’s basement. It’s breakfast from Sunday. Jack made pancakes with strawberries and a side of bacon.


I enjoyed these with some organic honey my brother Mike gifted us recently.

Yum yum.

Here is the basement. I thought you should see food before you see this basement.

Is that Mold? I asked.

Yes, he said.

He has his  work cut out for him. I will post the after picture when he is all done. And word on the street is that he will be in Phoenix soon for a visit. And extra $$$ is a good thing, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if it turned into a “working vacation.”

So, if you know anyone who needs kitchen, bathroom or (gasp) basement renovations in a couple of months, let me know.

Then you can have this guy around your place, at least until the job is done.

A looker…to be sure. And he might be sporting a pair of ASU shorts!

Jack made beef chow fun, shrimp with asparagus and beef fried rice on Sunday for dinner.

The kitchen wench is so spoiled.


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