Dinner at Mijana, fried chicken wings and… who has the nicest artichokes in town

11 Aug

On Thursday night we had dinner at Mijana. They have a buffet you can enjoy, or you can order from the menu. I like that there is this choice. We had been there before for lunch and the buffet was great. But this time Jack wanted to try the menu…so we gave it a go. We ordered the shish kebab for 2 that included lamb, kefta and chicken, all charred very nicely. The kebabs arrive on top of a tasty rice. On the side we enjoyed a salad made of green bell pepper, cucumbers and tomatoes, all very chunky, which I approve of. The dressing was light and lemony. A nice finish.

There was also Tango dancing (free lessons) that night at Mijana. We didn’t participate, but it looked like a lot of fun, maybe we will get our groove on next time? My friend Linda went there recently on a Friday night and enjoyed the buffet, along with belly dancing. A pretty good combination, I think.

Mijana is across the street from the QT on Scottsdale Roads, just north of Curry… in Tempe.


I was talking to my friend Rob today in South Carolina. We had a really good conversation. He always sends me pictures of his latest projects, which include improvements at his parents’ home in Greenville. Additionally, he is making a pretty throw for his niece with this material.

I can’t wait to see the finished product.

Rob and I go way back (since we were like six). He is super funny, good looking, a great cook, does amazing home improvements (I have seen his portfolio) and is an up and coming novelist. Anderson Cooper, here we come! I can’t wait to see his green room, while he and Rob talk about his amazing life.

On the other hand, there is Jack…who is another talented soul, and the *ahem* (this is where I get sappy)  love of my life.

He made some beautiful fried chicken wings last night.  They were dusted in flour, cornmeal, Spanish paprika, Kosher salt, pepper and magic fairy dust.

And artichokes, too. Just check out these beauties…

Clearly, they are the nicest artichokes in town.


He also made a dipping sauce with mayo, lime juice, lemon pepper and more magic fairy dust (the stuff he uses but doesn’t tell me about). They simmered in water for about 40 minutes and he basted them during cooking time. They were $2.00 each at Albertson’s and that was all the motivation he needed to make them.

And my smiling face.



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