Staycation at Scottsdale Conference Resort, dinner at Pinnacle Peak Patio, Yard House happy hour and breakfast at U.S. Egg

5 Aug

This weekend Jack treated us to a staycation at Scottsdale Resort and Conference Center. I highly recommend a visit, if you can make it happen.

Neither one of us had been there before. We were surfing the internet on Thursday night (can you tell we do things at the last minute sometimes?) trying to find a room, when he said we should try  At hotwire you can pick the type of hotel you want to stay at, you know what the price is, and the general area, but you don’t know where you are staying. So it’s kind of a grab bag.

Well, I can say that we will use hotwire again, since they treated us so well at Scottsdale Conference Resort. Our room with 2 queen beds was $70.00. We paid a $19.00 resort fee when we got there and then Jack upgraded us to a casita with a king bed, and breakfast ($20.00 extra). The upgrade included access to the “Solitudes” pool area, where no kiddos are allowed. Yup, just nice and quiet.

Shortly upon arrival we were in the pool,  which was cool upon entering;the perfect temperature for our hot summer. I swam around with my goggles (we had a deal that I would not wear my swimming cap for fear of me looking like a geek). We emerged to get some sun – just a few rays for me and Jack got browner, of course. A few drinks later (long island iced tea for Jack and a mai-tai for me) we were feeling no pain and relaxing nicely under a big umbrella and tall palm trees.

This sounds maybe like cliche vacation time, but it was just so pleasant to rest and be “away.”

Dinner was at Pinnacle Peak Patio, and if you haven’t been in many years, you should go… not only for the food (yummy) but to see how the neighborhood has changed. Now they are allowing people like this:

And this:

Are we a bit of rifraff?

I digress…homes are there now, along with businesses that have taken up the landscape that was pretty much unspoiled desert. There are still ties hanging (if you go with a tie on they will cut it off and hang it up) along with business cards stapled to their walls. Sawdust is on the floor and the hostesses and waitstaff are in western wear, reminiscent of  when I was kid visiting Big Apple. The food was very tasty; Jack ordered the steak and ribs combo. His steak was done to his liking (medium rare) and the ribs were smothered with bbq sauce, and very tender. I went for the roasted chicken that had crisp skin and a  juicy inside. With your dinner you get a cobette of corn, baked beans and whole grain bread; we also split a baked potato which was nice, since it is typically something we don’t make at home.

Alas, vacations don’t last forever and it was time to come home. But I am more relaxed now.

Last weekend I made it to Tropical Snowflake (again) on 32nd St./McDowell.

I’m not sure if Chamoy comes out of fabric, but I’m going to be finding out soon.

Earlier this week, Jack fried up some chicken, and it was so delicious.

Along with the fried chicken, he stir fried some chicken pieces, along with some type of veggie (now I don’t remember what is was, shamefully) and we ate it with white rice. Delicious!

My friend Rob sent me some flowers this week.

These are glass flowers. I’m not sure where he found them, but I’ve asked and will let you know when I find out.

By the way, his garden is coming along nicely.

Apparently he has a green thumb. Go Team Rob!

Before we got away this weekend we had a reprise happy hour at Yard House (Scottsdale Fashion Mall) with Leinenkugel sunset wheat beer, pastrami sliders, crab cakes and fried calamari. Their happy hour is great as the appetizers are half price. Half price!

Jack doesn’t know this yet, but I’m taking the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

I mean, a girl’s got to eat!

Breakfast on Saturday was at U.S. Egg and I highly recommend you visit. They have a delicious protein waffle with blueberries, granola and cinnamon. I inhaled it. Jack enjoyed an omelet with veggies and ham, along with hash browns, sausage links and an English muffin. They do sandwiches too (I noticed a french dip on the menu, and they have craft beer) so I’m thinking it will be a good place for us to have lunch soon.

It’s never too early to plan your next meal.


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