The best haboobs in town, getting picked up and planning a mental staycation

2 Aug

I’ve been meaning to get myself in the pool…

while taking a day off of work, and eating a good meal (see my leftovers from Italian Restaurant below), with sweets and wine.

Well it’s just a dream right now; as we all know it can be hard to take time off of work.

But I can still eat well.

And it wouldn’t be bad to get picked up, either.

(That’s a joke, people!)

Michelle Obama got picked up this week, by a female American wrestler.

I think this is pretty neat.


Last night I went with my sis and Linda to Italian Restaurant (reprise from last weekend) and it was just delicious. Linda and I ordered papardelle (wide noodles) with meat sauce and Fran chose eggplant parm, which came to the table looking very yummy. I’m not a cheesy person, but I must admit, I was tempted to stick a fork in Fran’s dinner.


This is not Fran’s dinner. It was our dessert. Italian Restaurant appears to be baking good things daily. We had cookies three ways (chocolate, almond (or was it walnut?) and lemon).

It was good to have a girls’ night out. Pretty overdue, really.

Italian Restaurant

20th St./Camelback inside Town & Country Mall

In closing…according to Sugar 44 (at 44th St./Thomas), they have the best haboobs in town. I can’t tell you if this is true, because I haven’t been there.

You will have to go and judge for yourselves.


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