Fried tilapia, palliative care for a betta and a fish story

25 Jul

This post is all about fish. I had two fishy things to talk about and I just added one more.

Sheriff Arpaio actually helped me with the last one. It sounds like it should be a fish story, rather. Did you know Sheriff Arpaio authorized the State of AZ to spend $10,000 for 2 consultants to investigate the authenticity of President Obama’s birth certificate? It’s true. Read about it here.

The “consultants” spent approximately 10 or so days in Hawaii performing this valuable service to AZ citizens. Except it wasn’t a benefit to our citizens, because it had already been authenticated…I mean, President Obama is already the President already…so why are we spending our money to do this?

It’s because (in the kitchen wench’s humble opinion) that Sheriff Arpayaso (forgive me I couldn’t help that) is on a major power trip.

I suggest you vote for the other guy in November. His name is Paul Penzone.

And make a donation if you can.

Jack made fried tilapia last night.

He dusted them with flour, Spanish paprika, salt and pepper.

With warmed corn tortillas and ceviche (from Food City), dinner was served. The fish came from Albertson’s, which has a very good seafood department.

Are you noticing the fish theme tonight?

The last fish mention tonight is about Jack’s betta fish, Red. Or Big Red, as we affectionately call him. Big Red has dropsy, which is when a fish is swollen, and is basically (gasp) dying. Jack has been changing his water extra religiously and adding epsom salts, which is supposed to help. But we are coming to the realization that Big Red is probably going away for good. And it’s not easy.

If you want to know someone’s character, see how they treat their dying fish. I know that sounds corny, but seeing how Jack is really trying to make his fishie’s last days on the planet the most comfortable as possible… well, it warms the cockles of my heart.

I was going to say my gills, but I don’t have gills.


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