Dinner at Manuel’s, Mediterranian Platter at Pita Jungle and a chamoyada from Tropical Snowflake

22 Jul

Payday typically means couple of things for the kitchen wench: 1) some bills get paid and 2) I get to eat out a bit more than usual.

Yesterday being payday, I invited my aunt Char and my Mom and bro Mike to Manuel’s for dinner. We shared a cheese crisp (actually they shared one since I don’t go for cheese on anything except pizza) and various entrees. My aunt really likes their soft street tacos with pork, while Mom and Mike went for crispy tacos and I chose a machaca burrito. Their machaca at Manuel’s is so good.  It has peppers, onions, tomatoes and shredded beef that tastes like candy.

For some time now I have been talking to my brother Mike about a visit to Pita Jungle; today we finally made it there for lunch. We shared the Mediterranian Platter that has grape leaves stuffed with rice, hummus, tabbouleh, falafel, baba ganoush, a bean salad and it comes with pita bread. As if this were not enough we both tried our own plates: a lentil fetoosh salad for me (my favorite salad of all time) and a pesto pizza for Mike. I could tell Mike really enjoyed his pizza and the lentil fetoosh salad is a winner. Mounds of fresh romaine lettuce with tomatoes, cucumbers, purple onion and then a mountain of lentils and brown rice. The salad is dressed with a lemon vinaigrette that is very light and it comes with some pita chips. Get this salad. It serves like three people. I had a lot left over.

After lunch I went over to Magañas on 32nd St./McDowell…my favorite salon (lip and eyebrow wax) when I spied the Oasis Raspado place I usually go to has changed hands. They are now called Tropical Snowflake.

Are you seeing double? I’m trying to hypnotize you (and entice you to get down there).

The chamoyadas at Snowflake are very tasty, a little spicier than I had remembered at Oasis. A lot of mango bits, chamoy and ice can keep you cool in the summer.

1617 N 32nd Street Suite 8, Phoenix, Arizona 85008



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