Travels…with hammock, scorpion fish pie, shrimp on the barbie and Classic Renovations

19 Jul

An email came from my friend Yecla a week or so ago for scorpion fish pie. I was like, “what’s this?”

Well… it turns out that it is like a pate, which I like very much. Here’s the translated recipe.

Scorpion fish pie

2 1/2 cups of scorpion fish (fresh or frozen whatever is most economical) or you can substitute hake

5 ounces of shrimp

2 cups of cream

4 large crab legs (you can use 8 if you make this dish with hake)

4 eggs

1 guindilla pepper (you might find these at AJ’s Fine Foods, you could substitute a sport pepper, like the kind that comes on a Chicago hot dog)

1 small can tomato sauce

1 bay leaf

1 onion



Cook the fish in a pan over medium heat with a little oil and a few slices of onion, bay leaf and black pepper. Then you take out the spines. Clean the crab legs and shrimp. Mix the fish, crab legs and shrimp along with the cream, eggs and guindilla pepper. Put in a little salt and beat (you could probably use a food processor for this). Add a little bit of tomato sauce (enough to give it an orange tint). Put the mixture into a pie pan and then into a deep pyrex with water 1/2 way to cover the pie pan. Bake this covered in a 390 degree oven for 45 minutes. When it is done, it should be dry, but still spongy. You can put a knife in it every once in awhile to see how it is doing. When it is cooled, unmold and serve like a pate.

Unrelated, if you live in South Carolina and need home renovations, done beautifully and meticulously, contact my friend Rob at Classic Renovations. He is back in business, as you can see by his business card and hat, procured from

Back to food.

The Grande Orange on 40th St./Campbell sells freshly baked bread. I picked up a loaf of whole wheat last weekend and they sliced it for me. It is delicious. Go and get some now. Right now.

My friend Linda presented us with a travel hammock this week. What a wonderful gift! The timing was great, as Jack and I are trying to plan a vacation, maybe after Thanksgiving, to go and visit with his family in Florida, and maybe make a side trip (cruise) to the Bahamas. I have never been on a cruise. Our travel hammock goes with us, for sure.

Last night we had shrimp on the barbie. Cheech Marin would have approved.

Leftovers for today’s lunch.



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