St. Francis, feta/spinach/chicken sausage, 4th of July feasts and S. Carolina beckons

5 Jul

My bro Mike and I had a great lunch last Friday at St. Francis. Chicken salad sandwiches on their homemade flatbread, fingerling potatoes (you must try these), lattes and a chocolate cake with spicy gelato. The cake is dense and not too sweet, with an espresso ganache frosting.

Save room for it.

During lunch we were talking about our hopes and dreams; Mike has big dreams and is getting ready to go back to Phoenix College this fall to finish his AA (this is a neat thing). He has so many skills and interests, and is very reliable…the employer who snaps him up is going to be extremely pleased.

We were also planning our next meal during lunch (the Hamiltons do this). I told Mike I want us to go to The Tuck Shop (since they have great fish and chips) and Pita Jungle because everything on their menu is healthy and delicious.

My friend Rob in S. Carolina sent this picture from their 4th of July Celebration yesterday.

I think Martha Stewart would approve.

Rob and his folks are getting ready to host my Dad and I soon when we visit Greenville. I am very excited about this visit, as it is a long time coming. I think there is a bbq in our future, along with a pedicure, some shopping, maybe a side trip to Atlanta…(Rob you fill in the blanks here where I may have missed anything) and a movie. And maybe some roller blading. Except the last time I went roller blading I skinned my knees, so maybe that isn’t such a good idea.

Jack and I went to my aunt Char’s yesterday, along with my bro Mike and my Mom. Char made a delicious spread of penne with red sauce (and sausage) and a roast pork loin.

Yummy yum yum.

The plan was to swim at her place, but the weather wasn’t cooperating…not that I’m complaining. I mean, wasn’t it beautiful yesterday? Jack and I were able to take a 2 mile walk near Tempe Town Lake to see people setting up their spots for the fireworks display. There was a little breeze and it felt very communal. As impractical as it may be to have a man made lake in the middle of the city that must evaporate a lot… it is a pretty neat thing for those of us who enjoy frolicking near it. Kayaks would have been a good thing yesterday there but we didn’t have access to them.

Fresh and Easy has a yummy feta/chicken/spinach sausage. The packages come with 6 and they are two packs for $7.00. Not a bad deal. Jack made breakfast for us last weekend and included them.

Also he discovered these sausages are very good removed from their casings, and cooked loose along with olive oil, tomatoes and capers, served over a mound of spaghetti (the leftovers are great too, as you can imagine).


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