Convalescing with a 31 Flavors mint chocolate chip shake, nude food shopping and making your donation

30 Jun

One of my favorite internet sites is the Huffington Post Food section. You should check it out.

There are recipes, well written articles and a few questionably newsworthy foodie postings. I mean, I pretty much know what is in hot dogs. I don’t need to be reminded. As a matter of fact, please don’t remind me.

By the way, have you been to 5 Guys? They make a very good hot dog. It is split down the middle for better condiment dispersal.

I digress.  The most interesting food post at Huffington that caught my attention recently was for the nude shoppers that showed up at a German supermarket to get free groceries.

I can’t say I would have the moxie to do this. But I applaud those who did!

I mean…for the love of food, and all.

Today I came down with some tummy issues and decided that a shake from Gelato Spot would cure it (my professional opinion). However, they didn’t have ‘shake mix.’  I have to question this, since Safeway is right next door to them on 32nd St./Camelback. Couldn’t someone run over and get some milk? I could have, now that I think of it.

But I didn’t offer. That would have been a clever move. To say, “hey, if I go and get the ‘shake mix’ will you make me a gelato shake?” They would probably have said no, due to some health code nonsense. We are very funny about food hygiene in this country.

So, I had to resort to a shake from 31 Flavors. They do make a pretty good shake. It’s about $5.00, and it doesn’t have any booze in it (thank you John Travolta), but it is still tasty.

Additionally (and unrelated) I wanted to provide President Obama’s website, in case any of you out there are pro. I never thought I would be a political donor. But with his recent help to the Dreamers, I couldn’t resist. A step in the right direction.


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