Dinner at Gallo Blanco (on flamenco night) and zucchini/squash stir fry with steak

28 Jun

Tonight Jack and I met a friend for dinner at Gallo Blanco.  This is a neat place! If you dig big flavored Mexican Food, sourced locally, with amazing artwork (lucha libre style), located in a very cool historical hotel in Central Phoenix, this is the ticket. And it was a bonus we were there tonight…to see Arizona’s finest flamenco dancer and live musicians. Wow. And Wow.

I had three tacos (count ’em): pork, shrimp and halibut, and Jack enjoyed a pork burrito. While Jack stuck with beer, I threw back a couple of margs, along with a coffee and tres leches cake (it is really delicious, be sure to order dessert).

They do have happy hour too. And they serve breakfast all day. Yessssss.

So get down there. And if you drink too much, you can stay overnight at the  Clarendon Hotel, conveniently located in the same building. The hotel has a very cool and modern pool area with a vertical fountain. I am really wanting to stay there, now that I have seen it first hand. I was just looking on the website; the rooms have a colorful and fun feel. From $80.10/per night.



This is the section of my blog when I talk about sappy and finger pointing stuff, like friends we have who may spend time with the wrong person. You know who you are, girl. Stay clear.  You are worth a lot more. A whole lot.

There are women out there (I’m sure I don’t know any myself… haha) who love too much. We are nurturers by nature, so sometimes… we may neglect ourselves to please someone else. Well, this has to stop. We have goals and dreams that need to be shared with someone who treats us well.

Enough said.

Speaking of someone who treats us well…Jack made a zucchini/squash stir fry with steak last night. I never knew zucchini and squash could taste so good.



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