Chicken waldorf salad, Errazuriz cabrenet sauvignon (from Chile) and *cheers* to advococates

21 Jun

I’m enjoying a couple of glasses of Errazuriz wine tonight (thanks to my neighbor Steve, a wine distributor) while watching Rachel Maddow. For some reason watching her reminded me of the underdog (imagine that), and that reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend today. One of his customers is a streetwalker advocate (his words, not mine). He wanted to know if I would help him out and give her a call…maybe because he knows I am a leftie – and potentially more empathetic to her? Thinking about that reminded of me of my brother Mike who is very good with numbers, and I feel he would be an excellent fiduciary. I understand there is a great need for fiduciaries in AZ for the elderly and disabled.

Sometimes because of what we do for a living, or what circumstances we find ourselves in, we need an advocate. I wholeheartedly believe in advocates. Thank goodness for them.

For dinner, I was too lazy to warm up Pizza Hut’s supreme pizza in the freezer, so I stopped at Fresh and Easy.

They have a pretty tasty chicken waldorf salad. It is not bad inside a baguette.



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