Slow cooked short and Korean ribs (reprise), birthday baskets and raspados from Sonora Mesquite Grill

18 Jun

Ever since Jack slow cooked some short ribs for us awhile back, he has been talking about making them again for my family. So, this weekend (with the assistance of yours truly), he did just that. Look at the mountain of ribs we were about to consume…

Jack browned these (they had been salted & peppered first) then they were deglazed with some white wine and into that went a jar of spaghetti sauce, a red bell pepper and 1 1/2 onions (sliced), 5 garlic cloves, a few large green olives (and some of their juice) and a cinnamon stick. Everything cooked together on low heat (covered) for 5 hours. From this emerged a beautiful thing. Sorry I don’t have a picture, but we enjoyed these ribs with white rice and fettuccini, along with a big green salad and a loaf of french bread. My aunt, Mom and brother were really impressed. It was sort of Moroccan meets Italian meets Hungarian meets I don’t know what. A lot of bold flavors. You should make this dish.

I’m inserting this picture of an avocado plant for no other reason than I think it’s neat that it is possible to put the pit in water so it can sprout, and then you plant it in a pot, then into the ground. Well, at least Jack can. My thumbs are not so green.

My friend Yecla sent some pictures of some pastries she made for her son’s 12th birthday (Happy Belated, Noah). Don’t these look yummy. I have the recipe, it’s in German, if any of you can translate it (not me).

But they look so good, I might have to translate that recipe yet.


She also sent a picture of the cake her mother-in-law made for Noah.

Bananas and chocolate. Not a bad thing.

Yecla also sent over a picture of some baskets she made for her son’s birthday; I am thinking, this is a great party favor. This could be a fun activity for your kiddos this summer…if they are moping around (like me and my siblings used to do) and saying…”I’m bored!”

On Friday afternoon (it was a hot one, yes?) I was dying of heat and I happened to be on Thomas Road and 47th St. so I ducked into Sonora Mesquite Grill where they make nectarine raspados. A raspado is shaved ice, some kind of fruit with syrup with a scoop of ice cream. You have got to go there a few times this summer. Btw their food is delicious too. Tacos al pastor, homemade beans and rice…it is a yummy place to be.

Last but not least. If you want to cool your toes down this summer…get some Yoga Toes. You put them in the freezer (they are flexible) then they go on your toes and stretch them out. It can be a little strange when you first put them on, but your toes will thank you when you take them off. Trust me on this one.

One last thing. My friend Linda gifted us some chili with beans recently. So we had to make some hot dogs, right? She uses different kind of beans in this, ground beef, and bbq sauce. I don’t know all of the measurements and something may be missing. I don’t have the full recipe yet. But chili on hot dogs is a good thing.

Summer eats!


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