Eats, drinks and relaxing in Rocky Point

11 Jun

We were hoping to spend this weekend in Monterey with my bro, sis-in-law and their kiddos…but we wern’t able to score enough time off. So, we were with them in spirit at Monterey beach, Monterey Aquarium and Lulu’s Restaurant (great breakfast and lunch) on the pier.

Jack apparently had sand on the brain this weekend, so even though we wern’t able to make a long weekend happen, we headed to Sandy Beach in Rocky Point for a one-nighter at Las Palmas Resort.

At Las Palmas, you are just a few steps from the beach…rooms have a kitchen, living room, bedroom and a travertine shower (fancy dancy).

Here are some photos.

And the best for last…the view from the balcony.

This is room #203B and you can rent it for $157.00.

This includes 11% tax, a cleaning fee ($25.00) and some other fee. Call Dolphin Beach Rentals 866-475-5445 or 623-209-7428 or go to the website

The couch folds out to a bed, so you could have 4 people in this room comfortably.


Here is us at the beach. It is a very clean, wide and long beach.

Bring an umbrella. I got a little too much sun. Jack just got browner.


I know you are dying to know…about what we ate:

Fish and shrimp combo at Mary’s Restaurant. An enormous amount of fish and shrimp done three ways…breaded, with garlic and also grilled. Yummy yum yum. With a Corona for Jack and michelada for me. You can see how much Jack was enjoying it.

We almost needed a wheelbarrow to get out of there. So. Much. Fish.

Pork tacos from La Vaca Chenta. About $1.00 each. They don’t sell beer, so you go across the street to get an 8-pack (limes included) of Carta Blanca in the can, about $5.00. Vaca Chenta claims to have the best tacos in all of Rocky Point. I don’t doubt it. The pork is tender and yummy, and you can have corn or flour tortillas. They bring you a tupperware full of salsas, cilantro, lettuce, pickled onions so you can put in your own fixins.

Pina Coladas (in their own pina) which are available in all of the touristy areas. They are very fresh (made right in front of you with a special device that takes out the fruit, leaves the core and the fruit is blended with some coconut milk and rum, then put back in).

$7.50 each. What a treat!

This is also where Jack bought a little salsa bowl from a street vendor.

We also picked up some Mexican pastries as bakeries abound… an empanada looking one for me that turned out to have sugar crystals inside instead of fruit (this is fine with me) and a cochinito (little pig). Jack chose a cupcake looking pastry with lemony filling and a cheese filled empanada.

My cochinito! He is so cute. Too cute (almost) to eat.


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