Drift and Torrione Petrolo

8 Jun

My workmate Jodi and I were talking today about consumerism. We agreed that we both have too much stuff. And then tonight I saw these cute jammies at Kukumusu.com. They are really cute. Check them out:


I don’t need PJ’s. But they are cute.

I remember talking a couple of years ago about this topic to an old flame (I’m a lady so I won’t tell you how old he is), he was an economy major at University in his country (yes yes an import) and we basically were on the same page that we also, had too much stuff. He had cars (plural), houses (plural), and a Vespa (this made me jealous).

And still, I yen for another (gasp) Fendi baguette. I know. It’s obscene.

I finished Rachel Maddow’s book today, Drift. It was promptly loaned to a workmate, who is an open thinker. Hopefully he will finish it before July, when I plan to take it to my friend Rob Adams, who is being released from prison (and we have a pedicure appointment in Greenville). I plan to corrupt him with my brand of politics, yes. Quite frankly, I think he is a leftie already, so we are in good shape. I agree with Maddow’s view that military operations should not be outsourced to companies like Haliburt_on, lest we forget (or can ignore) what we are doing (wars we participate in)  in other countries… because our men and women in uniform are not there. I thought the book was profound. And Maddow made it funny. Otherwise the material itself (about wars and our military) could be dry.

After finishing this book, I felt the need to imbibe (fancy that) so I turned to a bottle I had opened already (courtesy of my neighbor – we trade wine for chocolate) of Torrione Petrolo. It is a really tasty wine. I’m at the tail end, and wishing I had a second bottle to open up. I could use another glass (or two).

But tomorrow is a school day.

Today an email came from the nice people at Praying Monk, and I have been offered a free appetizer or snack. Praying Monk comes to us courtesy of chef Aaron May, so I’m hoping to go and take advantage of their largesse soon, knowing his reputation.


Word on the street is that they have a lot of beers on draft, and by the bottle ( just so you can see I don’t discriminate).

I am so there. Maybe I can convince the chef to make me patatas bravas? If I am lucky he has kept his chef from Iruña.


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